Sunday, January 15, 2017

Here we are. My husband’s catheter is, apparently, blocked. A nurse has been summoned. He is fairly comfortable, and may sleep. I must stay alert until she comes.

Knitting went well today. I am embarked on Row 51 of the shawl border (of 86). The second branch (from the bottom) of the Tree of Life is beginning to appear. I’m terribly glad to know that your Houlland is progressing, Shandy. It does look like fun.

I have been rather taken by Veera Valimaki’s “Breathing Space” pattern – it’s on Ravelry’s front page at the moment, well down towards the bottom. I am greatly drawn to asymmetry, and have never actually attempted it. I am slightly afraid that this one would just look as if I’d done it wrong.


My sister says she has had an income tax scam like the one I told you about the other day. We have been trying to think how the Bad Guys might actually get hold of any money. She found hers in voice mail – which presumably means that it wasn’t a recorded call, as mine was. If I had responded, the Bad Guy’s first job would have been to find out who I was: cat? butler? Jean? Ham*sh? Even in the interests of science, I would have been reluctant to divulge even that much information.

I suppose they go on to ask for a large payment into a government-sounding account and then they’ll drop the “case”.

I made some progress today with tidying papers and printing spreadsheets. I’m ready to roll with the actual return tomorrow or (more likely) Tuesday. The Money sections of the weekend newspapers are full of stories about how we need to get cracking.


  1. I've gotten several scam calls lately; I hang up as soon as I can. The news here has said that they ask you to pay a large amount by gift cards, and then tell the caller the number. It amazes me that people actually fall for something like that. The last one was an Indian voice telling me that my computer had a virus.
    Jane from Illinois

  2. I love it when the scammers call!! I have this really old fax/phone that plays "The Farmer in the Dell" when you put someone on HOLD. I think they took me off the list because I haven't had a call in years. Darn.

  3. Please don't worry about Perdida's surgery. Her life will be longer and better for it.

  4. If they have all of your identifying information, they can apply for loans or credit cards in your name. Then the creditors come looking for you to pay up, thinking it was you who had the money.