Wednesday, January 04, 2017

That was another fairly good day. I did nearly four rows of the shawl border. The first motif is a lozenge and I have passed the point where it is at its widest -- a first milestone, of a modest sort. The object is beginning to look like a piece of knitting.

And I made some progress, at least, with identifying and entering into a spreadsheet the miserable sums of interest we were paid in the past tax year. I had been slightly concerned not to have had a reminder from the tax man by post – but today it arrived in the form of an email.

I was very interested in your comment, Marion, about the Paton's Cloud Drift baby shawl which is the same pattern as Mrs Hunter's. Sure enough, it is. Some of the knitters on Ravelry even illustrated their projects with pics of the very leaflet I am knitting from, inherited from mother or grandmother or aunt.

I was surprised at how many of them were doing it the way the pattern says -- knitting it in six separate pieces. I even shared, for a moment, EZ’s exasperation at Blind Following.

LizM, I will try to find the correspondence about how to pick up stitches from the Houlland edging. I pursued it for a while without success, but I think I was getting close. Thanks for that.

And speaking of KD, the latest pattern for the Inspired by Islay club is a wonderful all over patterned sweater called Oa, the name, apparently, of part of the island. 

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  1. Houlland: for what it's worth, here's what Donna Smith says in the Ravelry threat on this pattern: "I know some people have been asking about how you slip the sts at the beginning of the edgings. For the eding of the pattern I slip the first stitch knit wise with the yarn in back. For picking up the stitches, I pick up one of the long strands between the bumps. In the next row, I knit into the back of the sts otherwise it can be quite loose and look uneven.

    HOWEVER, there really isn’t a right way and wrong way to do it, as long as you are consistent. Some people have slipped the sts with the yarn in front, that’s fine too - as long as you always do it the same way! I have been brought up in a place where knitting techniques are seldom written down there are lots of variations in the way people do things like picking up stitches when knitting a lace hap or shawl and as long as it looks OK it is right!"