Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In answer to questions about the Greek alphabet, I’m using Microsoft Word, I don’t know which version, nor do we any longer seem to have a button to click on to provide that information. Composition pauses, for a moment I can’t type anything, then there is a portentous ringing noise – and then everything is in Greek. Everything. It’s no use leaving Word and going out into the greater world. Everything I type is in Greek – Help can’t help because it doesn’t understand what I’m typing.

But rebooting solves the problem.

There is nothing much to report today. I have proceeded with the centre of the shawl but without quite the first-day enthusiasm of yesterday. I’m approaching the end of the second repeat (of 14) of the centre pattern.

To my sorrow, no one on Ravelry has yet responded to my challenge to reveal how much of what we bought at EYF 2016 is still unknit.

So here’s January over. I’m sorry to see it go. What have I achieved? The income tax. My resolution to deal at once with every financial paper that turns up in the post has been fulfilled. “Dry January” didn’t work – there’s time for that in Lent. I haven’t yet tidied and filed away the papers left over from doing the tax. They’re still spread out over the table here. I’d better get that done tomorrow. Spaying the poor cat has to be regarded as an achievement, I suppose.

My sister is coming for a visit on Thursday. I fear she will find us very limited in both diet (because of toothlessness) and activity. She is Serena to my Venus, and considerably more active, I fear, by now, than I am. 


  1. Try pressing CTRL/Shift/Spacebar to see if that changes it back to the regular keyboard. It could be you are hitting CTRL/Shift/Q to change to the symbol font for Greek letters

  2. Oh, but filing your taxes and spaying your beloved cat are huge accomplishments!

  3. Anonymous4:04 AM

    And you kept hubby at home for another month. That is a huge accomplishment.

    Beverly in NJ

    1. Anonymous4:34 PM

      I second Beverly and Maureen.
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  4. Regarding the tiredness - I doubt if the Eliquis is responsible. The leaflet mentions fatigue, but as a side effect if you have bleeding, which I presume you don't. I am still taking it, and although I am suffering a lot from giving up another pill that was doing me much harm, the fatigue I had been suffering has gone. So not Eliquis.

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Enjoy the visit with your sister!
    I think you had a very productive January indeed.

  6. Anonymous12:29 PM

    The beauty of sisters is that none of that matters. Chloe

  7. I agree with Chloe. Sister communion is encouraging and the even or uneven playing field matters not. You'll draw strength from her.

  8. If it makes you feel better, my accomplishments for Jan are... developed allergy to pain med, scratched sores in skin as result (which then got staph infection and are still healing and look like cigarette burns), went through agonizing withdrawal, got on new pain med, laundry, feeding mom on occasion, managing to get the trash out 6/8 times, and a worsted-weight shawl. Oh, and a dentist visit and a doc visit.
    For Feb, I'm hoping for a dentist visit with an actual conclusion as opposed to "well, we can't tell which one of these 4 things the pain is so we'll do antibiotics and when it comes back hopefully we can tell". Also, I'd like to get a pair of socks done and a prayer stole designed and knitted (I have the design idea, must do the math and swatch). Oh and being able to go grocery shopping more than once a week would be nice.
    Some days I think we all need to celebrate the accomplishment of making it through that day, even if we didn't manage to get ANYTHING done. We survived that day, good on us, maybe tomorrow we can try surviving + something on the to-do list.

  9. try this site... for your surprise language change...