Sunday, July 23, 2017

Again, I am afraid, there's not much to tell you.

Archie and I had a nice lunch. He is a particularly gratifying grandchild to cook for. I could serve him cat food, I suspect, and he would eat it. But he comments appreciatively and intelligently on my successes, too. Today we had Roast Romano Peppers from Ed Smith’s “On the Side” (a recent purchase of mine) and Nigella’s Anglo-Asian Lamb Salad from “Nigella Express”, which I’ve made for him before.

And wild rice, which, astonishingly, I found in Tesco this morning while looking for something else. They don’t have it in Waitrose.

Archie is working as a cleaner at Edinburgh University, which rents out dormitory rooms to tourists in the summer. He’s only done a few days of it, but seems to be holding his own.

I’m progressing well with the Polliwog, and am very glad that I resumed it. The Sydenham Mileses will be here on Saturday, and the plan is that we’ll all – including Perdita -- go on to Strathardle on the following Monday, a week tomorrow.  (Is that the 31st?) The knitting plan is that I will have finished the Polliwog by then, and dispatched it southwards to Orla. Then – what to take along?

You’d better have a picture tomorrow. I’ve done four of the eight decreases on the second sleeve. Not far to go.

I got quite a lot of paper sorted this morning, rather than just sweeping it off the kitchen table to make room for lunch. I hope to press on with that sort of thing tomorrow, here in the dining room, so that I can feed a crowd next Sunday.

Helen will be back from Greece tomorrow, and my fishmonger from Majorca. The worst is over.


  1. I sorted paper this morning too; not my idea of fun.

    What to knit? Is it time for some more socks? That's my default when out of knitting, especially when traveling. And I will never run out of sock yarn if I live to be 140.

    1. Absolutely! That's the whole point of socks. I was just wondering if I might be more ambitious.

    2. Well you could try fancy socks. I made this pattern ( few weeks ago and it was somewhat challenging but turned out very cute. You can't see the pattern very well in the picture I took (I'm kayT on Ravelry too) but when there's a leg in the sock it shows up nicely!

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  3. It is wonderful to read about the full life you are living. Enjoy your family and Strathardle.