Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Everybody should be happy tomorrow, May Lou, when Venus plays the British Girl in a semi-final.

Yesterday was interesting. She is the oldest player, of either sex, still standing – even older than Federer. She was playing the youngest, an Eastern European who has suddenly flashed across the tennis sky like a comet. She won the French open. She’s terribly good, and we’ll see more of her.

But Venus was better.

I don’t remember being properly impressed, before, with how beautiful she is. Not just good-looking: they’re all that, in varying degrees, being young and glowing with health. Venus is beautiful, a Greek goddess, a Benin bronze. I can’t find a picture to show you – they all show her in motion, or smiling. I’m thinking of her standing on the baseline, composing herself for the next point.

Murray’s path to the final looks more hopeful, with Nadal gone and Djokovic’ shoulder giving trouble. Murray, moving about between points, has limped like an old man, but is still a gazelle in motion.


I’m still engaged with the last few stitches of the garter stitch band at the top of the Northmavine Hap. I should at least begin on the sewn bind-off today (men’s quarter-finals).

Andrew & Andrea’s new issue appeared yesterday. Itfeatured a designer I’ve never heard of (but should have – she has produced at least one pattern for Brooklyn Tweed), Andrea Mowry. Delightful.

You’re right, Pom PomElla Gordon’s blog is certainly one to look for. She was there in the shop the day I went to Jamieson&Smith. (I love your blog post about your grandmother.) Her blog is full of wonderful Shetland-ness.

But what I love about Andrew & Andrea is a) that there are two of them – it was a stroke of genius to start teaching Andrew to knit; and b) that it is a true magazine, with items from far and wide.


  1. I just have to say that no matter what mood I am in when I open your blog and see that peacefully sleeping baby with that stunningly lovely blanket, my mood immediately improves! Thanks.

  2. While I hope Andy's hip is better I am sorry that I want Roger to win. It would be an epic win. I watched the Konta match last night and it was a relentless fight from the beginning to the end. Both gave as goodd as the other quite amazing to see For the first time in awhile I am as excited for the women's Matches as the men's.

  3. Hurrah for Venus. I quite agree with you on her beauty. Of course, it's also the way she carries herself. I seem to have stopped following sport of any kind, but Venus has long been a favorite.

  4. =Tamar5:23 PM

    Hooray for progress on the hap.

  5. Oh, thank you for reading my grandmother post, Jean!