Saturday, July 15, 2017

Federer was magnificent, too. He and Williams have got to win, if there is any poetic justice in the world.

I finished the sewn bind-off of the Northmavine Hap. I’m ready (although I must confess that I haven’t done it) to put the book, “Colours of Shetland”, back on the shelf. That will be a step forward. I have started, languidly, darning in the loose ends – although not securing them, in case blocking changes things.

I am desperate to be knitting something, but don’t dare. This is the very most dangerous moment to lay a project aside.

Here it is. I am surprised, despite all my recent grumbling, to find how very long the top edge is, how obtuse – I hope I’ve got that right – the lowest angle. Blocking will change that. I’ll get some more ends darned in during Venus’ final today.

Non-knit & comments

The Duchess of Kent was at Wimbledon yesterday. She’s six months older than I am, and didn’t look at all sprightly.

Anonymous, thank you, I’ve signed up with Misa Hay for news of her Shetland tours—but couldn’t find any 2018 dates yet.

Thanks for all the advice about exercise. I’ll try YouTube, to begin with. I need something that can become an early-morning routine.

Lisa, that’s a good idea, to photograph the essential page of my new passport.


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Start very gently with exercise. Do you have Exercise for Seniors nearby? It's a pain to have to leave the house just for that, but it keeps you safer from overdoing and the socialization (such as it is) is usually a benefit. Studies have shown you would only have to attend once a week to derive benefits. And daily walking is always good. (Sounds like the Duchess of Kent doesn't walk enough.:-)). Sorry to be a broken record, Jean. But all around me, including me, i see the difference in active older people. Just please do not overdo. Build up slowly. Chloe

  2. Anonymous12:01 PM

    P.S. Sorry, Jean, I was not aware of all the similar advice in Comments from yesterday. I get up earlier than most and and don't always review later Comments before I open my big mouth:-). Happy to hear someone suggested the hospital classes. And I'm darned mad at SC too and haven't even risked a single penny. Chloe

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Here are the 2018 dates for Shetland Wool Adventure tours.

  4. I do love those colors! I look forward to seeing the post blocking magic.

  5. Do I not remember the Duchess of Kent suffering some sort of serious illness many years ago? I was surprised to see that she was still out and about.

    I attend a gym fairly regularly, but find classes where someone tells you to stand on one leg and reach forward more than I can bear. There was an older lady in the group and I thought the instructor was taking a risk in getting us all down on the mats - after all, getting down may be possible, and getting up a different matter.
    Why not try your walking round the square routine to start with?