Sunday, July 16, 2017

That leaves us with Federer. Now, even more, he’s simply got to win.

Yesterday’s match started well, evenly balanced. Venus had a couple of points for the first set on the Spaniard’s serve, but failed to make them. Then she collapsed, much like Murray with his hip, although she hasn’t complained of anything since, that I know of. With Murray, I could switch over to the other match (Muller-Cilic, I think it was). Yesterday there was nothing for it but to retreat to the kitchen.

However, better news: the Northmavine Hap is ready for blocking. I got the last few ends darned in this morning watching the rather interesting political program we have on Sunday morning. Who knows? I may even get the blocking done today. I’ll return to the Polliwog while supporting Federer.

Anonymous, thank you again, for the Shetland Wool Adventure dates (comment yesterday). They offer a wide choice of dates, which is good; they go to Unst and include a lace lesson, which is very good. Perhaps less good, they put you up in Lerwick, rather than at wonderful Burrastow where Kristie and Kath and I stayed, and where Mary Jane and Gudrun go. But on the other hand, Burrastow is a fair distance from anywhere and there’s much to be said for being in Lerwick. SWA promises good food. Burrastow guarantees that. Mary Jane and Gudrun don’t go to Unst.

I do agree, Lisa, that nothing beats armchair travel planning.

Mary Lou, I have let my New Yorker subscription lapse, a shameful admission. I switched credit cards – or, rather, had mine switched from under me – so that they couldn’t automatically renew. I went straight in to put things right when I heard from them, but something was wrong with their server that day and since then life has piled up on me.

But I need to read about The Accidental Urban Gardener, and Rachel says I’ve missed David Sedaris. I will take action.


  1. I only caught the second set of yesterday's game, and all I saw was Venus collapsing. I am not a huge fan of watching her play, but I really admire her. Even after that, she was gracious and smiling to the towel kids etc. Sometimes I have to declare New Yorker bankruptcy as they stack up, and pass them on to my neighbor, and I know I can find everything on line or the ipad. I hope Polliwog and Federer are a good match!

  2. Having just returned from a week camping in Northern Minnesota with little to no internet access I have a few comments on the past week's posts and comments. I agree with Kristie and Pattie on a gathering in Shetland....and, speaking of Shetland Adventures, I'm signed up for Misa Hay's June Adventure next year. Come with me, Jean, if there's still room!. Burrastow House with Gudrun and Mary Jane was wonderful, if I ever go back there I just don't want to get stuck in the dreary single room at the back!

  3. Jean
    hope you are well?
    thinking of you and missing your daily news

  4. Carol M3:51 PM

    Jean, thinking of you, too.

  5. =Tamar3:55 PM

    Concerned, and hoping all is well.

  6. Please pop in and leave a short note if you can Jean, just so we know all is well.

    1. Rebecca in Minnesota5:10 PM

      What she said.

  7. Chiming in with another inquiry from an anxious fan -- please let us know how you are, if you can.

  8. It's not like you to be so quiet, Jean. I'm adding my voice to the chorus, hoping all is well with you.

  9. Hope you are well and busily happy with your family.