Wednesday, July 05, 2017

We had a good time in Kirkmichael. I have some fine photographs to show you (tomorrow, perhaps) of miserable grandsons in the rain on a hike to Loch Loch (sic) on the Sunday afternoon. Perdita and I had a nap.

She did well. She did go out, briefly, on the Sunday. I followed Joe’s advice (comment, last time) and stayed with her. She wasn’t hard to catch when I’d had enough, but she is interested in “out”, and likes it. I think I’ll be braver next time. She’s fond of me, in her furry way. I really don’t think she’d head for the hills.

I didn’t knit a single stitch. The only thing I did, in fact, was to weed and feed and mulch a little rose – mentioned here before – of which my husband was very fond. I can’t find it in my books. It’s a small floribunda, red, single-flowered, late-blooming, on its own roots, inherited (54 years ago) from the previous owner of the house, a keen rosarian.

It was the subject of the only gardening I did last year, and is looking rather well.

Since our return, knitting has gone better, thanks to Wimbledon. Days One and Two were rather tedious, but I have high hopes for this afternoon. I have loved Mr. Brown of Germany ever since he beat Nadal at an equivalent stage of the tournament two years ago. Today he’s playing Murray. And if Murray has to lose to anyone – as I fear he will – I wouldn’t entirely mind to have it be Mr Brown.

I’m engaged in the second half of the final 24-row repeat of the Northmavine Hap. I have wondered a bit whether I have enough of the four contrast colours – but I’ve now finished the contribution of one of them to this repeat (it will have to re-appear for two rows in the final half-repeat) and am hopeful. Not that it matters – there’s J&S on my doorstep, and I know the shade numbers.

I have also started worrying – a 4 a.m. thought – about the edges. I’ll have lots of ends to darn in. I know that. I’m braced for it. But I have been carrying the main colour up the edges. What about those loops? Attached i-cord is always possible. We won’t panic.


  1. Welcome back, Jean! It sounds as if you had a restorative break. I am glad that Perdita managed well.

  2. I love the online knitting community and am grateful for the part you play in it. I, too, am anticipating the Murray/Brown match today, and have my current project, as sweater, at the ready. As you watch in Edinburgh, I'll be watching in Philadelphia, cheering for Andy and enjoying Dustin Brown's play.

  3. So glad you and Perdita had a good time. Wouldn't it be lovey if she could become a convertible cat! I mean, being allowed to be both in and out.

  4. Happy that Perdita managed so well! Good job she didn't run.


  5. Purrs Perdita! (For the humans here - that is the feline equivalent of "well done!") :)

  6. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I'm glad you had a nice visit and that Perdita did so well. It's nice that my suggestion was helpful. I just hope the little dear didn't fuss too much when it was time to go back inside. The rose sounds lovely and I hope you can put a name to it...antique roses are so wonderful. I just wish I had a green thumb and could grow them. However, I'm lucky when the weeds survive. Take care - Joe-in Wyoming

  7. Sounds like a wonderful visit. I have to say, when I read Rosarian it always calls to mind the odd little advertisements for Rosicrucians in the backs of magazines when I was young.

  8. Cheers for you and Perdita and Andy Murray!