Saturday, July 22, 2017

Another low day – no excuse. Rain, so I didn't need to water my tomatoes.

As requested, I’m at least logging in to thank you for help with budgeting. I had never heard of Pocketsmith, and it’s interesting. But British banks don’t like to have you handing out your log-in details to a third party, and I’m inclined to agree. Also, I don’t want to subscribe to anything.

I had thought of Excel, and am tremendously impressed than you could just do it, Mary Lou.  I watched a YouTube video on the subject last night, and I guess I get the idea, but I remain impressed.

I think my present system (an antique version of Quicken) is going to work. There are various respects in which I can simplify the way I used to keep accounts when I was young and enthusiastic, without spoiling the results.

I hope to do better by you tomorrow. Archie is coming for a late lunch, which will keep me on my toes.


  1. =Tamar9:25 PM

    Any kind of organization is impressive to me. I have no budget system at all.
    I agree with the bank about not giving out details.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Just the fact there Is on-lining banking is too much detail for me. Chloe

  3. My system is hardly a system - I just download my bank statement details so i can sort them later when I do my taxes. I have my accounts at the same bank so it is fairly simple. The retirement etc. is elsewhere and not downloaded or organized, since I can't really access it anyway. So please don't be impressed.