Friday, July 07, 2017

I’m OD’ing on Wimbledon a bit. It hasn’t been all that gripping, so far, although today promises very well. I think I decided yesterday that I need to program in a nap, no matter what. It’s hard to see where, with today’s schedule, it might fit in.

Murray’s match against Brown was just about perfect – Brown as delightful and inventive as before, Murray triumphant in three sets. I think one could see Murray thinking – it’s not just a game of power and might.

Here is the promised picture of miserable grandsons up Glenfernate last Sunday.  From left to right, Mungo, Fergus, Archie. Perdita and I were having a nap, as I’ve said – but I don’t think the weather was quite that bad down in Strathardle.

As for knitting, I’m not quite as far forward with the Northmavine Hap as might have been expected with all this tennis. I’m engaged on the final pattern row of the final full repeat – fifteen rows remain, when this one is finished, but since each one is half a mile long, fifteen is a lot. Then there are four rows of garter stitch – no increases, at least. Then a sewn bind off.

It’s like climbing a hill – I can see the top, perhaps there’s a cairn up there – but for now I must lift leaden feet for step after step.

I got carried away with I-don’t-know-what yesterday and ordered Dassau’s “Knitting Short Rows” and Leapman’s “6000+ Pullover Possibilities”. The last thing I need is more knitting books. They will probably arrive today. I’ll report soon.

I also bought Pearl-McFee’s “At Knit’s End” in the middle of the night – but I got that one for the Kindle, so at least it doesn’t take up shelf space. It’s amusing.

Everyone has suddenly gone off and left me. Helen and her family are in Greece, soon to be on the slopes of Pelion where they will be out of email contact. My dear cleaning woman is in her native Romania until the 18th. My fishmonger is about to spend a week in Majorca. Alexander and his family are still here. He came over yesterday. Perdita and I may go and see them on Loch Fyne soon.


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    A good opportunity to recoup energy before the next activity - or excursion. I wonder what Perdita will make of Loch Fyne. Are the ducks still there?
    Helen (anon)

  2. Anonymous1:38 PM

    WELCOME HOME....a handsome - though soggy group of young guys you've got there Jean! Glad you enjoyed your trip, but I missed you and spent my mornings moping. Better now. Sounds like Perdita was pleased with her new adventure, too. I am looking forward to seeing the Northmavine Hap as you finish her up. From its last photo, it looks deliciously like you - so I wonder where it will end up! Be well, Jean -

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I got the Short Row book too. Because I have become a fan of German short rows. They are just fun to do. It is the yanking part of the process that I particularly appreciate:-). Chloe

  4. I await your review of knitting short rows. I have converted to the German version for most uses, but do a class that shows 4 ways to do them. Always more to learn! The grandson photo is really funny. Is that a passport being flashed?

  5. Stephanie P-M is very funny, every time I go to a yarn store I think of her talking about becoming intoxicated by yarn fumes. In one of her books there is a item about how she and her husband coped with having a skunk under their front porch, Laugh out loud funny!

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  7. I have this delicious picture in my mind of you with cat carrier and knitting bag, ready for the next adventure. Happy wanderings!