Saturday, October 07, 2017

Here she is:

She is entrancing. She has every catly virtue. She’s pretty, she has a nice long tail (Perdita’s is rather short), she’s got slightly long fur, as you see; she purrs (Perdita scarcely does); she shows every sign of being about to grow up into a lap cat. As an elder sister myself, my sympathies are entirely with Perdita. She is not pleased. She growls, she hisses, and she retreats, as if she were afraid of the kitten.

I strongly believe in jealousy in animals. But can I reassure Perdita by fondling the kitten in her presence, to demonstrate that we are all one family now? Or do I need to ignore it, and fondle Perdita?

My sister and her husband have now gone off to Loch Fyne, whence they will leave for DC tomorrow. For the last two nights my sister has slept on a camp bed here in the dining room with the kitten, and has put up with quite a bit of prancing about and purring. I don’t know quite what to do tonight.


I haven’t done much this week. Such little as was achieved was added to the second sleeve of Miss Rachel’s Yoke. I think I’ll press on with that, now, at least until sleeves and body have been joined into one.

BUT the big news is that the EYF teaching schedule for ’18 has been released. I have spent some happy time with it, and have made my choices: Felicity Ford, Donna Smith, and Nancy Marchant, the last-named being the one I’ll have my finger on the button for, a week today. Alas, again, TomofHolland doesn’t fit. I’d love to take his class on darning.

I don’t know whether I’m strong enough for three, but it’s worth trying.

One Shetland class on yoke-design is advertised – not Donna Smith’s – in which, if you bring along a sweater at the stage Miss Rachel’s Yoke is about to reach, you can begin actually knitting your self-designed yoke right there in class. 


  1. Add "photogenic" to the list of virtues, what a darling she looks. As for meshing the household, I expect time and habituation will be on your side, and I expect the cats themselves will let you know what your part is.

  2. Oh my goodness! She's precious! Gorgeous! Perdita will come around. She can be her baby when she decides she's there to stay.

  3. Give Perdita lots of extra attention and assure her she is still the number 1 cat. That is a beautiful kitten!

  4. Are you waiting until her name is revealed to you? She looks utterly delightful.

  5. OMG she IS beautiful... do you have treats? i would give P lots of extra treats... as for tonight - i would do what you normally do - doesnt P sleep with you? - bring a pillow or blanket or something that the kitten can cuddle into ... dont know if you have any cat beds or baskets for them... you may want to get two ... then they can each have their own 'place' to claim. the biggest problem is that P has owned your apartment to herself and the kitten will need to claim her own spaces... giving them each their own 'bed' will help the kitten and P. i have a great one that my cats adore from amazon and its very well priced.. since my place is teeny and my sofa small i have one on the sofa and the other in the study next to my desk ... my cats have been together since birth so they have grown up together... they take turns in the bed next to me on the sofa and the other on the sofa on the other side of me ... however the one in the study is strictly for the smaller and older cat Isolde. For some reason Email the other cat doesnt like to sit there. anyway, here is the link.

    so excited for you with the new kitten!

    1. its EMIL not Email.. hate auto correct.

  6. Pay more attention to Perdita, hopefully she will think the kitten is for her. It can also help to keep them separate for awhile. Rub towels on each and then switch towels. Let them get used to each others smells. Be sure to have separate litter boxes as one cat can become protective of the box and not let the other use it.

    She sure it cute!!!

  7. Goodness, what a beautiful kitten. She sounds perfect, especially as a second cat. You are an old hand with cats. Just do what you've done before. They catch on fast. How kind of your sister to help her and you ease her into your home!

  8. Miaou Perdita! Sending virtual paw pats! I sympurrthise!

  9. She is absolutely adorable! Lap cats are wonderful. I miss having one to fall asleep with in my knitting chair.

  10. Tom does seem to be there with his darning class, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning at the Water of Leith Centre.

    - and that is a very sweet kitten.

  11. Just found another one, specialist darning on Saturday morning, sounds good.

    Its going to be difficult to choose a class this year.

  12. Oh dear, poor Perdita! Are you sure this is about cats and not about your relationship with your sister?
    Lap-sitters can make knitting more difficult. But that is a very pretty little cat.

  13. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Oh my goodness what fun news for me to wake up to. New kitty is so adorable! But as an older sister also, I do feel sympathetic to Perdita. Everybody's advice seems very good. Sorry you are missing out on Tom of Holland. Maybe he has a video on the subject? (And as annoying as auto-correct is, sometimes it can give you a really good laugh. Although somewhere out there, there probably is a cat named Email.) Chloe

  14. That kitten looks wonderfully sweet.

  15. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Have fun with the new kitten!
    Is the weather becoming autumnal near you? Toronto is still having a heat wave as Canada celebrates its harvest Thanksgiving holiday. Will Canadians soon be able to grow mangoes to go with the squash?
    best wishes for the coming week

  16. She looks like quite a little charmer!

  17. Syd T.3:57 PM

    She is adorable! We always have multiple cats at different ages. We kept our new cats separate from the other for a couple of weeks...they became very interested in who was behind the door and would play footsies under the door. Then we would let the new one out for a spell each day a little longer. Looking forward to hearing her name and stories about her & Perdita.

  18. What a sweet little face:)! Agree with giving Perdita a bit extra and cuddling both of them:)