Friday, May 11, 2018

Again, little to report. But again, I’ve inched forward. For weeks now, I’ve had a pile of papers from the lawyer, relating to my husband’s estate, which I was supposed to sign and send back. An easy enough task, even for one feeling less than well, but something I kept shrinking away from. Today I did it.

And I knit some more Calcutta Cup. I’ve finished the main elements of the design, but there are still two more rounds in which twiddles will be added to the top of the cup to suggest the elephant which is in fact there.

And once that’s done, C. and I can begin to think of going to Murrayfield and seeing the Real Thing.

Kate Davies has published a new pattern, again unpronounceable, “Pabaigh”, with a blog post involving wonderful pictures of the Western Isles and in particular Berneray. And I got a newsletter from Ysolda today which has a moving passage about the Berlinn Yarn Company, on that island. KD has also written about it.

AND I got my boarding instructions in the mail this morning, for my Hebridean cruise. I don’t know where Berneray is (I’ll find out). I know that the cruise has no fixed itinerary – it will depend on wind and weather and, to some extent, what we passengers want. It’s all rather promising.

It lasts a whole 10 days, my cruise  – I ought to be able to make real progress with some sock-knitting. I’m about ¼ of the way through Archie’s socks – you’ll remember that I started them when we were in Palermo, but the first one proved to be a bit tight, so I laid it aside (a perfectly good sock, which will reappear one day, I hope) and started another, larger one. I'm nearly ready to turn its heel.

And Rachel wants a pair, for her 60th birthday. I must look out for some fun yarn for her.


You’re right, Tamar, that the windowless-ness of that picture yesterday is rather odd. One entered the building from the back, through some communal rooms, past the ruins of some big commercial-type washing machines. The main outlook was on the other side, towards the sea. Lots of broken glass.

Shandy and Gretchen, yes, my husband’s interest in art was distinctly catholic. His scholarly interest was mainly 19th century British, but he was curious about it all, and wanted to see everything.


  1. Oh, that sounds like a perfect cruise! Let's see where the weather takes us. I hope your energy rebounds for that.

  2. Hope you have a terrific cruise with plenty of sunshine and fresh air:)!