Monday, May 14, 2018

We’ve had a beautiful early summer’s day. Greek Helen and I went to Homebase yesterday and bought some bedding plants, and today I planted most of them, and tidied up my herb trough. There are few pleasures – at least in old age – to compare with the feeling of warm sun on one’s shoulders as one toils in one’s garden. I miss my Perthshire garden a lot, but am very lucky to have so generous a space for pots on my front doorstep.

I’ve got two big Greek pots, for which I have ordered apple trees. The first one arrived today, while I was out there on my knees. Daniella (who cleans the house and does the laundry and generally keeps me afloat) got it planted, with some assistance from me. The second arrived just as she was leaving. We’ll deal with it tomorrow. Pics as soon as things are looking presentable.

Knitting moves forward, still somewhat slowly. I have embarked on the penultimate round of the first peerie pattern – and thus should start the first serious pattern band tomorrow.

I have nearly finished eating my first batch of kimchi. I eat it on the side of every plate, as in Korea. I fear it was just beginner’s luck, and I’ll never make any as good as that again, but I am looking forward to trying.

Kirsten (comments, yesterday) I have never heard of British Rail Assist, and will bear it in mind. As for your kimchi, I am sure that the essential ingredient is the Korean chilli powder called Gochugaru. It’s hot but not too hot, and contributes that characteristic red colour. Readily available on-line, as is everything else these days. I got mine from Sous Chef.


  1. I spent some lovely time in the sun mostly weeding prior to planting. I've learned the hard way that Phlox are vigorous self-seeder. I'm feeling it today!

  2. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Jean, please take a look at the Scotrail site. Under the heading "Your Journey" it gives a menu, 11th down is "Accessible Travel" which explains how to book assistance. Or you could go to a station and consult with Customer Services. I feel that a bit of help in getting there would help you to enjoy your holiday.
    Helen (anon)

  3. Don't forget to book assistance on the homeward bound leg of your train trip as well.

  4. I was on Mull yesterday and it was gorgeous - Oban the same. I reallly envy you your cruise. My in-laws always use Assist for rail travel now and say it is great, they move your luggage and also take you to your platform and see you onto your train so no worries finding it. Given the size of Waverley I shouldl think that even there it might be helpful.