Wednesday, May 16, 2018

An active day, and I feel the better for it. Alexander came over this morning, as often on Wednesday, and we went to visit a newly-opened art gallery, the most recent manifestation of an Edinburgh institution, the Ingleby Gallery. It’s just around the corner from here, in the restored Glasite Meeting House. (The link is to the Wikipedia entry on the Glasites.)

It’s a wonderful space, and good news for the city that it has been restored and occupied. The opening show is good, too.

Then Archie came round, and we went to Dishoom for lunch. Alexander drove us up (to St Andrews Square) and I walked home.

Nothing much has happened to my fermenting chillies. I got up this morning hoping that they would be bubbling away. There are a few bubbles that weren’t there yesterday, but they are distressingly stationary.

Southern Gal, no, I have never posted proper pictures of the new kitchen, and it’s time I did that, after you suffered through its installation with me. A representative of the company which supplied the design and the units is coming tomorrow morning to sign it off, so to speak. That will be a good moment for careful photographs.

And, oh yes, knitting. I am well embarked on the first serious pattern band of my second attempt at Alexander’s Calcutta Cup vest, richly enjoying the rhythm of proper Fair Isle. I am duplicating the colour scheme of the first attempt, and slightly regretting that I have let the swatch-scarf go, which would have provided more examples to steer by, but that’s absurd. I have quite a limited colour-palate, I have the photograph above, all I need to do is keep changing the colours around and running red across the middle of the motifs.

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  1. I have never heard of the Glasites. There are some odd little offshoots out there, aren't there? And speaking of shoots, I thought of you this evening as I picked the newly up sorrel to make a bit of sauce for some salmon.