Wednesday, May 02, 2018

It looks like kimchi, anyway…

I went rushing into the kitchen first thing this morning, before even feeding the cats, and thought nothing had happened. I was wrong. The jars have filled with liquid – last night, I just stuffed them full of seasoned vegetables. And there are bubbles in the liquid, although very quiet ones.

The more I read, the more advice I get. Open the jars and add water if necessary, so that all the vegetables are submerged. I have some glass things from Lakeland to weigh them down, but some vegetables push up around the edges. Don’t open the jars – that lets oxygen in. I hope the bubbles will be livelier tomorrow.


I’ve passed the half-way point with the corrugated ribbing, and remain very pleased with the way it’s looking. It’s not twisted, either.  The first time, I used a dark grey for one of the colours. It tends to disappear, leaving the other colours looking like spots rather than vertical stripes. See pic yesterday. I think I've chosen better this time.

My niece said the other day that it is time to think of our trip to Murrayfield to see the real Cup. And of course we can’t, until I have at least knit the Calcutta Cup band into the vest, because I want to hold it up and take a picture of it with the real thing.  The band comes immediately above the ribbing.

That solves, for the moment, the problem of the Kirigami. I must stick to the CC vest without interruption until we are in a position to go to Murrayfield.