Saturday, May 12, 2018

I, too, Mary Lou, am getting a bit worried about whether I will be strong enough to enjoy my cruise. All I really have to do is get there, though. After that I can sit about knitting socks for ten days, and having dolphins pointed out to me. It would be nice to go ashore. There’s no wi-fi on board. We will all make a bee-line for the nearest cafĂ©. But it's not essential.

When was Hellie and Matt’s daughter Orla baptised? Something like October. I got all the way from Drummond Place to Rachel and Ed’s house in London where I had never been before (because they moved during those years at the end of my husband’s life when we were pinned to the spot here), and did it by myself on public transport except presumably for a taxi to the station in the morning. There was quite a bit of walking on the Christening day itself, too.

Could I do that now? But getting to Oban is easier. Trains to Glasgow run every 15 minutes; it’s like catching a bus. And the cruise company has looked up the trains from Glasgow to Oban and informed me of them. It’s a small town. I have but to walk a short distance along the sea-front to the meeting-point, pulling my suitcase.

Alexander thinks that what I need is the famous map from the Hunting of the Snark:

but I think I will take along our Ordinance Survey maps of the western isles.

I didn’t do any knitting last night after I wrote to you, but now I will go try to polish off that Cup.


  1. Oh Jean I am so envious of your travel plans. Approximately ten years ago my husband and I travelled in Scotland taking in Edinburgh, Inverness, Oban, and Glasgow. A wonderful trip. I particularly liked Oban. My husband wondered what to do. I wanted to do everything including riding the ferry out to the islands. He didn't like ferries. We became increasingly incompatible travel companions. He has withdrawn more and more - a combination of dementia and decreasing mobility. Life changes. I love him still!!

  2. You can do it Jean! Of course you can do it Jean! It will be the trip of a lifetime. I am sure your computer screen has just turned a bright shade of green with the envy I feel - I get horrendously seasick and would still like to do it

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Just take plenty of interesting wool, a laptop and a good book or two! When you book your train tickets there should be an opportunity to book assistance - very good idea if it is a long train and you have only 5 minutes to reach your carriage. Same goes for the change at Glasgow. It would be good to have a nice young man or woman to escort you to the carriage, especially if they change platforms at the last moment.
    I feel sure you will organise things just right. I hope you enjoy every moment of your holiday.
    Helen (anon)

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Can someone drive you to Oban, Jean? Or at least to Glasgow? So you can save your strength for the actual cruise? That's a lot of transferring before you get to your cruise ship. Maybe you could make a monetary arrangement with your wonderful cleaning lady, And maybe you can borrow an iPad with a Cellular plan which doesn't need wi-fi, In fact, that might be worth the investment for future travels or other situations. Do everything you can to save your energy. Your trip sounds like a dream...I know you will love it once you get there. Chloe

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Just thought of something else. Maybe your cruise line can get you in touch with another passenger from Edinburgh driving to Oban. Or at least you can hope that you might get a ride back home from a cruise member once you get to know everyone. I have had the most amazing luck sometimes when otherwise I might have been stranded. Of course, make sure they are safe and decent people. If you have any doubts, don't go. Chloe

  6. And I expect in a small town there will be a kind person to help pull a suitcase for an older lady. Such fun, and we'll have to wait to hear all about it. I have been reading an interesting book, written for the non-scientist, called "Why We Sleep" and how lack of certain types of sleep leave us so tired. Written by a neuroscientist who is skilled at explaining complex neurological phenomena for the likes of me.

  7. If you can get or borrow a suitcase on wheels and take enough knitting with you, the rest should be a cinch for a resourceful young woman like yourself! Then just relax. The sea air and a change of scenery without worrying should do you good:)!

  8. I'm hoping this cruise actually helps restore some of your strength, Jean. You will have all those lovely days where your most difficult decision will be which book to read, or which knitting project to work on. Also, interesting that Mary Lou commented about reading the book Why We Sleep. It's my current non-fiction read, and I agree with her. It's fascinating.

  9. =Tamar5:36 PM

    kristieinbc makes a good point. You've had a difficult year with many disruptions. Even your lovely new kitchen qualifies as a major disruption. Too many upsets are stressful even when they are not all negative. The cruise should help by being restful.

  10. my time files... is the cruise that soon!? i agree with all the comments posted prior to mine... especially about conserving your energy for the actual cruise. i am green with envy too ... back to unpacking (i swear the boxes are breeding).