Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Again, there is little to report. I do so little, these days, you’d think I could at least sit about knitting, but that doesn’t seem to happen. I read a lot. However, the Calcutta Cup has advanced a couple of rounds. The re-start is better than the original in several respects, and I am pleased with it.

The new Fruity Knitting is an odd-man-out. A&A are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with an outing to Baden Baden, and greet us from a windy field rather than their usual sofa. We get to see their wedding video, which is predictably sweet. There’s a tutorial about one-over-one cabling. I don’t entirely understand, and will need to have another look if I ever achieve my goal of knitting KD’s Stronachlachar vest from her new West Highland Way book. It involves panels of travelling stitch.

The interview is even more odd-man-out, involving a woman who teaches knitting in a prison in Maryland. She had many obstacles to overcome, both from prison authorities and from the skepticism of prisoners themselves. She has had some impressive successes, and it is a touching story. The prisoners, however, are not allowed to take knitting back to their cells between the weekly lessons, so they haven’t really got much of a chance – in knitting, as in life.


Helen(anon), I love your son’s remark, about hiding things. Our best one was from the days when we had an American rifle which my husband had bought when we were there in ’60-’61. We kept it in Strathardle, breaking it into several pieces when we went away, which were locked in separate parts of the house. Except for the magazine (a small piece) which was….where?

Searches were fruitless. Alexander was in the US at the time, and was commissioned to get another one. He did, and when he brought it to us, and we were all standing about in the sitting room, I said, “Now, where shall we put it…” You’ll have guessed the conclusion – I put out my hand, and found the original magazine.

As for our missing money, no, it wasn’t in a book. That cupboard contains mostly boxes full of papers relating to various finished projects. But there is also a box of papers relating to what might grandly be called our art collection – receipts from dealers and auctioneers, a bit of correspondence. An active box, therefore. That’s where it was.


  1. My wonderful friend Lynn Zwerling is the force behind Knitting Behind Bars. I think she is just wonderful. As an attorney in MD who represents children in foster care, I would say Lynn's work is wonderful. The US is terrible about those who are incarcerated. Not everyone deserves to be disregarded as a human being. As I watched this, I was in tears. Lynn is a good and decent person.:)

    1. Sorry about the overuse of wonderful. It was very late when I typed this and I suppose my brain was running short of superlatives.

  2. Stashing money and rifles? Your late husband sounds like he was a bit of a "prepper", a survivalist type. Did he have caches of tinned meat and sardines under the floorboards in Strathardle too? ;)