Saturday, July 20, 2019

Here I am home. I’ve missed you. The wedding was delightful, a huge success. And at least I made the journey there and back without disaster, thanks to my family. I am desperately tired and weak and leaden, but hope I will improve in the next few days, at least somewhat. And there’s nothing more to worry about or plan for. I hope to go to Strathardle for a fortnight in August – but, if so, the cats will go too, my Lares et Penates.

And at Christmas, I hope I will be allowed to stay in bed (with my cats) and eat chocolate.

There is virtually no knitting to report. My wounded thumb is still raw, and still oozing somewhat, covered each day with a fresh plaster. I got a bit further forward with the Travel Socks (second heel turned) once I could safely knit without spattering the subject with gore.

The answer to the question of – what does the right thumb contribute? is, not much. I am a very clumsy drop-and-thrower. The right thumb and index finger guide the needle through the stitch, and then wave about in the air while the right middle finger controls the tension. The left thumb is employed more constantly, moving the stitches forward.

I have a few wedding pictures for you, and trust I will be sent others in the next few days. But at the moment, my telefonino has expired, so I have nothing. Here is a link to the very remarkable Oglander Chapel in the church at Brading where the service was held. You have to click on "More photos".  (Joe and Becca tried very hard to have a Catholic wedding, but ran up against disagreeable priests and unco-operative hierarchy. And as every amateur theologian knows, the sacrament consists in the exchange of vows in front of witnesses. The priest himself, at a Catholic wedding, is one of the witnesses.)

I wore my Dathan hap (among other things) and it did well.

Meanwhile, as you must know, there has been a tremendous fuss which I don’t at all understand, involving Nathan the Sockmatician. Racism again. I don’t like this. Ravelry has had a password-purge. I think, at the moment, I have hit on one which they will accept and I can remember. I am pretty careful, I hope, about passwords which have a financial dimension; but I don’t care a fig who hacks my Ravelry account. We shall see. I might have to abandon Ravelry itself in the wake of all this misery.


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Welcome back Jean, it's good to hear from you again. I shall look forward to hearing more about the wedding after you have rested up. For now I think it is good to put your feet up and eat a bit of chocolate, or whatever else you fancy.

    Best wishes, Helen (anon)

    1. Thank you. I’ve got some chocolate, too, which I bought just before I left to calm me down. At the moment, homemade soup is even more soothing.

  2. So glad it all went smoothly and that you are back at home.
    I had not heard of this latest furore - was it all on Instagram? It's a strange time that we are living through, right enough.
    I, meanwhile, am immersed in the later reaches of the chronicles of Barset. I'm on "Framley Parsonage" at present. Can Trollope really have written 250 words each fifteen minutes while travelling by train?

    Can I recommend "Wives and Daughters" to you? It does have some similarities to "Doctor Thorne".

    1. Shandy, I understand that Nathan posted on Instagram and it caused upset. At Yarningham, last weekend, there was more upset. I wasn't there but watched Pinsandneedles ''Yarninghan2019'' podcast, and she made comment at the end,

    2. sorry Shandy, I forgot to sign off on above post Enid xxx

  3. Welcome back, I’ve missed you! The Ravelry password changes are related to others sites which have been compromised, and your Ravelry password is the same as your password on the other site. Easy enough to add a few digits and save. Looking forward to photos.

  4. Enid Shaw1:24 AM

    nice to have you back, Jean. maybe you need to have medical attention to your thumb? at least mention it when next at chemist/pharmacist

  5. =Tamar12:06 PM

    Rest and eat chocolate, it's good for you! (They say the advice you give is the advice you should take, so I do.)

    More password changes? harrumph. I suppose I should expect another such kerfuffle, as things like that tend to spread.

    It's good to have you back.

  6. Anonymous12:11 PM

    So glad you are back Jean! I concur with Enid that you have your thumb checked out. Better safe than sorry. The Oglander Chapel is romantic beyond words as far as I am concerned. How lucky for them to have started out married life in such a beautiful, unique place. Chloe

  7. I'll add my 'glad you're back' to the other posts!
    I'm entirely grateful to you for introducing me to Jackson Brodie: we chose KA's 'Transcription' for book club, which we will discuss tomorrow, and then you mentioned her Jackson Brodie character and I've just this minute finished 'Case Histories'.
    I'm hoping to start knitting again tomorrow; the cardigan had reached a crucial stage but I was too swamped and consumed by all the end of term stuff to have any brain cells left for following a pattern. Your beautiful shawl is something quite beyond me... Look after that thumb, best wishes

  8. Bots were using passwords from hacked sites to try to log onto Ravelry to send spam and post links to porn sites, so Casey set up the system to let people know when they logged on that someone, somewhere had used the password they were using and it was hacked and he required that people change to a unique password. Not a password purge, but a self preservation method as a lot of time and effort has been spent by staff and volunteer mods to stop the on-slot. I, for one, hope you don't abandon Ravelry simply because they tried to make the site safer for all users.