Saturday, July 27, 2019

We had torrents of rain this morning. It doesn’t seem to have freshened the air, but at least the plants on the doorstep will be happy. They (like all plants) always prefer rain from heaven to anything I can carry out and pour over them.

Tamar, I had never heard of electrolytes, at least in connection with human health. I’ve had plenty of blood tests, and I would assume that that was included, but it’s an interesting question. I think I’m somewhat dehydrated, a frequent by-product of travel, but I don’t see why a whole week at home with careful fluid intake hasn’t put things right. Shandy, thank you for your encouraging comment.

No knitting so far today, but there’s a Royal Family programme on television soon, about Charles and Diana. This is a genre which I’m afraid I adore, and it ought to be good for a row or two more.

I’ve finished “Can You Forgive Her?”, still without the faintest twinge of recognition. I thought it was somewhat long-winded in places. Spoiler alert: they all live happily ever after. At the moment I’m trying to read Inspector Montalbano in Italian, but I don’t know whether I’ll persevere. There’s a distressing amount of dialect.


  1. Do try Trollope's autobiography. He is very clear about how each book was written and about his working life in general Now there was someone with boundless energy. He says very interesting things about the purpose of writing novels, and there is a whole section where he gives his assessment of other contemporary writers including Dickens and George Eliot. And then there was all the travel he did....

  2. I do worry about your being so tired, Jean. Sleep apnea? Maybe try some non-Western medicine? (I'm a big proponent of acupuncture, which is pretty mainstream these days.) I'm just starting volume three of the Tim Pears West Country Trilogy. I've adored the first two books.

  3. =Tamar5:05 PM

    Electrolyte balance is the reason products like Gatorade are popular with amateur sports people. Ordinary drinking water doesn't replace the trace elements lost from dehydration, and with the heat we've all been having it's easy to forget that drinking lots of water washes them out. Oranges and bananas provide potassium. My mother found that a little table salt revived her in hot weather. Almonds for magnesium are my standby. I'm sure there are other recommendations.