Monday, July 22, 2019

Perhaps a slightly better day, although inactive. I must march around Drummond Place Gardens tomorrow, willy nilly. Today I waited in for my cleaner, who didn’t come because she had forgotten that today was the day when I would be back; and for my Mindful Chef package, which did come.

Here are some more pictures from my time away. I still don’t have the proper wedding pictures.

Here is the bride, wearing the Unst Bridal Shawl which I knit for her new sister-in-law Hellie:

 It was worn in similar fashion at Hellie's wedding to Matt, but somehow was displayed better (from a knitter’s point of view) this time. This was the bride to whom I offered Jared’s shoulder shawl, I’ve forgotten what it’s called, but she preferred to re-use this one. Archie and I blocked it for her.

And here are Alexander and Ketki’s sons James and Thomas, wearing kilt hose I knit years ago for their father:

Meanwhile, here in Drummond Place, I knit four rows of the Spring Shawl today. Four is a lot, these days. I have nearly reached the point where I will be doing each pattern row (of the central triangle) for the last time. But not quite yet.


I am deep into “Can You Forgive Her” which I must have read before, as it is a Palliser novel. Sometimes nothing but Trollope will do. Mary Lou, thank you for the suggestion of “Station Eleven”. I’m sort of against sci-fi and the future, but I love  pandemics.  


  1. Nice to see photos of your work in action. And yesterday’s comment was supposed to be ‘post-apocalyptic’, not plastic!

  2. Your shawl is lovely (and the bride has lovely shoulders too). It looks to have been a nice day. Thanks for the pictures of the kilt hose as well. Nice to see your knitting move to the next generation.

  3. I love the Trollope series. Doctor Thorne is one of my favourite, and Can You Forgive Her comes a close second.

  4. I think I like some of these Trollope titles better than the novels: "Can you forgive her?", "He knew he was right". Friends and relatives who don't like post-apocalyptic or any scifi in general (like me), all liked "Station Eleven".

  5. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Beautiful knitting photos! So glad you enjoyed the weekend and the wedding.

  6. I knew that I had started "Can You forgive Her?" but could I remember anything at all about the plot? Nothing at all. I'm enjoying "Framley Parsonage", however. It does not seem to matter that I have read them out of sequence.

  7. =Tamar4:31 PM

    Pictures like that remind me how very light and airy those shawls are.