Tuesday, July 09, 2019

I got some things done today, not others. The packing is half-done. I tried on the wedding garment. It looks all right, and is fine, in a sense – if the wedding were here in Edinburgh. It’s a heavy-ish cord, and I fear will be far too hot for the south of England. Archie is coming tomorrow morning to take the suitcase to Joppa, whence his mother will deliver it to me on the Isle of Wight.

That means that Archie and I can travel on Thursday with only light hand luggage (nightgown, toothbrush, iPad, knitting, in my case). That should help. And it also means that I’ll have to finish packing the suitcase tomorrow morning, like it or not.

The tennis wasn’t very interesting. I watched most of Serena’s match and finally gave up with everybody even in the third set. I gather Serena won. I got five rows of Spring Shawl done while I watched, which is a good day’s work at the current length of a row. Greek Helen took this picture a day or two ago, to add to the Instagram account she maintains in my name:

And I’ve watched half of Andrew&Andrea, so may get another row done later while I watch the rest.

Recent mention of Kevin Anderson and last year’s Wimbledon sent me back to last year’s blog. In those days I grumbled away about weakness, just as I do now – but seemed rather stronger. I got up to Valvona & Crolla twice in August. Could I do that now? Perhaps I should try. The slightly odd thing was that in those days – summer, 2018 – I often watched television in the evening. Now, I almost never do. “Pointless”, Wimbledon, that’s about it.


I’ve finished “Castle Richmond” which I greatly enjoyed. I am surprised that I could have so completely forgotten the main story. I found it excellent, and very touching. The Famine bits are few and brief and powerful. At the end, Trollope opines that Ireland is emerging stronger after her ordeal.

I’ve gone back to “North and South”, you’ll be glad to hear, Shandy. 

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  1. I,ve just finished Doctor Thorne and begun The Small House at Allington. Interesting to compare with Mrs Gaskell. In many ways it is the same world - the class system, the position of women, what it means to be a gentleman. But the tone is so totally different...