Monday, July 01, 2019

I’ve had a busy afternoon watching Wimbledon. The match I am interested in (mentioned yesterday) hasn’t come on yet. It will be on the No. 1 court, and presumably the BBC will show it. Although one never knows. There’s an Englishman on Centre Court at the moment (doing badly) and he may command all the attention.

I didn’t get much knitting done today. One row.

What I did do, however, was to dig out Kirsty Miles’ Christening shawl. She is James and Cathy’s younger daughter, and I thought I might take it to her when I go down next week, in case she ever gets married and wants to wear it on the day. It has yellowed quite a bit, in 20 years, but no moth. It is an Amedro pattern, I think. I am rather impressed with it.

It was the first of my Calcutta Cup knits. I can recognise the cup and the year “2000” easily enough, but I can’t exactly find my initials and Kirsty’s which are also supposed to be there.

On the question of that red stripe on my current project: I’m getting cold feet. Anonymous, there is no bride. I have three unmarried granddaughters and my vague thought is that I am knitting this one for all three of them. Or two, if Kirsty does go for the old shawl. There are also six bachelor grandsons. Lots of potential weddings.


  1. Oh my that is lovely. Very glad the moths haven't found it. I'm sure Kirsty will be amazed and delighted by it.

  2. A really fabulous shawl! What a treasure to have in store. I don't think I would go for a red stripe, but a full-on red shawl would make a good project.

  3. I think you may regret that red stripe. There is so much work involved. Is it worth the risk? I remember my mother making a deep red pullover and adding a white lace collar to it - and then having to remove the collar...

  4. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I am deeply impressed with that shawl! surely it must qualify as a work of art.

    Helen (anon)

  5. You should be amazed- that’s a beauty! You could whiten it with the right product, I think. I see.that the young player won, after all.