Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I’m a bit calmer, if only as a result of the excitements of the day.

I was Highly Stressed this morning. Archie came, and took away the suitcase. He would like to be picked up tomorrow fifteen minutes earlier than we had arranged, and messages to the kind man who is going to give us a lift,  are so far unanswered. I am sure we will be all right. It is relaxing to travel with someone who worries. My husband preferred to leave everything to the last-split-second and reduced me every time to a nervous heap.

Then I had an appt at Medicine for the Elderly where I was told to keep walking and drink less cider – hardly worth the two taxi fares. Except that on the way home the driver heaved me into the back seat and shut the door on my thumb. For a while there I thought I might have the reason I was waiting for, to stay home.

But I’m afraid it’s fine – no bruising, no swelling, not much discomfort, both joints working fine. I haven’t dared touch the Spring Shawl for fear of getting blood on it. I don’t know what role the right thumb plays in my knitting technique. I will have to pick up some knitting and let my fingers tell me. But I think it will be fine, once I’m sure the bleeding has stopped. I take a blood-thinner.

I got home in time to watch Federer’s match. This was the point – the quarter-final – where he slipped and fell last year, beaten by the Grinch.  He lost the first set today, but wasn’t threatened thereafter. Nadal next, I think, and that will be Friday. Perhaps I will just spend the afternoon sitting peacefully in my b&b watching tennis and knitting a sock.


I’m nearly finished with North and South. I utterly agree with you, Shandy, about the extraordinary difference between Trollope and Mrs Gaskell, despite what must be a considerable similarity in date. I must look it up. In this particular case, there is also the contrast between the Irish peasants, literally starving to death, and the northern mill workers, on strike and very angry and hungry but very much individual and alive.

I’m looking forward to the Love Scene which surely must be to come!

I’ll be away now until Saturday the 20th.


  1. Ouch! That must have hurt like the dickens! Sorry! I hope the cab driver at least apologized to you!

  2. Safe travels, and enjoy the family!

  3. Travel safely and have a wonderful time!
    Sorry about the thumb injury!

  4. =Tamar12:41 PM

    Have you told the doctor? It may not be worth the cab fare (though in my opinion the cabbie should take you there and back for free), but bleeding is not to be ignored. I hope it has stopped now.

  5. So sorry about the thumb and hope your trip south is a lot safer and more pleasant!

  6. How annoying to injure your thumb just as you are about to set off!
    I suppose it is that Trollope is writing in a different genre to Gaskell,so that even when describing broken hearts it is still pretty bloodless. As for his handling of the servants and working class people generally they are really just caricatures. No one like Nicholas Higgins could exist in his world. And then there is the religious element. There is churchgoing in Trollope but only so that the sermons can be slept through. Margaret Hale believes that she will have to answer for what she has done with her life. As for the grand Love Scene, it is a little underwhelming but this seems to have been the result of serial publication. The final scene in the TV series is a big improvement.