Friday, July 26, 2019

Sorry about yesterday. Desperately weak. I thought getting back to Scotland, and to my cats, a week ago today, would put everything right. Not so.

We were fortunate, however, in our wedding weather, considering what’s happened since. I still don’t think this heat would be regarded as Over-the-Top in New Jersey, but it is disrupting travel and would have been enough to make us all uncomfortable at the post-wedding party. I still don’t have any serious pictures for you.

Not much knitting, but I did a row of the Spring Shawl yesterday and another one today. MaureeninFargo, who has knit it, is coming to see me after Shetland Wool Week, and it behoves me to have the borders well-started by then.


I am making good progress with “Can You forgive Her?” I don’t see how I could have forgotten a book so full of interesting characters and event. In the days when I read aloud to my husband at bedtime – and this was undoubtedly one of our books – I would often fall asleep while doing so, and start reading nonsense, and he would have to nudge me.

There was once when we both fell completely asleep – I woke up to find the light on, and the book in my hands.


  1. I live in the US, in New England. Last Saturday and Sunday it was 99°. This week has been mostly low eighties and feels wonderful in comparison!

  2. We have had 95+ in the South for weeks!. This week as been mid-high 80s, and feels great, but back up next week. I feel for all in Europe who are suffering, and have no air conditioning.

  3. =Tamar5:55 PM

    The weathermen predicted 100-F in MD, and at 98-F they were saying "feels like 106". The human ability to adapt is amazing - 86-F genuinely felt cool. It still feels hot in the 90s though. I feel for anyone in the heat who has no way to cool off.

    Has the doctor checked your electrolytes? They _have_ done blood tests, haven't they?

  4. I think that you are underestimating the recovery time needed after travel - especially in hot weather. I am just grateful that there is some rain this year instead of everything becoming yellow and scorched as it did last year.