Monday, October 21, 2019

I’m quite pleased with it. The final ribbing is the-wrong-way-around in a fashion too complicated to explain (and no one will notice). The scarf is longer than it appears here – perhaps 7 feet.

A bit more ribbing, some final tidying – and then it will be an FO! I think my best plan will be to dash off the pocket square before retreating into the bliss of the Spring Shawl. But that will leave the possibility of an Alternative, Colourful Winter Wip.

Many thanks, Cam, for your review of Jared’s new yarn, Ranch 02. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it, Mary Lou.

But I think my best plan, if I want an alternative wip, is that armload of single-balls I bought towards the end of my Shetland Wool Adventure (just as I was about to congratulate myself on my restraint). It would make a good Dathan hap. I love my Dathan hap, made with KD’s Millarochy tweed as the pattern specifies. I enjoyed knitting it, I enjoy wearing it, I love to look at it. What more could one ask? And it would be ideal winter knitting.


I’ve finished Framley Parsonage. It’s a good’un. I’m currently re-reading Olive Kitteredge.


James & Cathy are coming on Friday. I have spent some time today in a pleasant tizzy, wondering what to feed them. The corner shop had a whole delicious tray of quinces this morning – a Moroccan-type lamb tagine in the slow cooker? But I think I’ll stick with my original choice, before I saw the quinces – a salmon tray-bake with French beans. Lighter, easier to eat.

And I must cancel my Italian lesson for Saturday morning. That involves thinking how to explain the difficulty in Italian.  


  1. Yes, isn't that section wonderful where Lucy descends on the flu-stricken vicar and his wife and sorts everyone out? Let alone her way of dealing with her future mother-in-law...
    Scarf is looking very good - and seven feet, you say. Long enough to wind round twice.

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    The scarf is wonderful! I'm sure he'll love it.

    & your plan for another Dathan hap sounds so comforting.

    Beverly in NJ

  3. The scarf turned out beautifully. I look forward to seeing a modeled version! I’m envious of the Dathan Hap project. I surely have enough yarn to make one (or ten) I just have so many other projects lined up. Maybe the Hap could supplant the sock for mindless knitting.