Monday, October 07, 2019

Yes, well, we got to Kirkmichael yesterday. It was not a nice day, and C. and I were inclined to postpone again, but her friend who was providing us with a big, comfortable car – and driving it – thought we should go ahead. And, indeed, the rain stopped for the time we were there, although everything was pretty sodden.

We brought in the apple harvest. They hadn’t fallen yet. I think it was the best harvest we’ve ever had. Even the big tree at the bottom of the garden, which grows and flourishes but doesn’t bear, had four or five.

I got home in a state of unbelievable exhaustion, ate a sandwich left over from our lunch, and went to bed at 7:30. I nearly slept the clock around, and feel much sprightlier this morning. However, before I went to bed, Helen and David called, and I tried Thomas’ Calcutta Cup scarf on David. He’s tall, although not as tall as the beanpole Thomas.

We decided that it needs another 12”, plus the final six inches or so which will include Thomas’ initials. I haven’t charted that yet. I've now marked the spot where I am at the moment, and will measure from there. Here’s the scarf so far:

Only half the Calcutta Cup, you’ll remember, because the match was a draw. The stitch pattern is No. 100 from Gaughan’s “Knitted Cable Sourcebook” – recommended by the author as looking good on both sides. Which it does. It also looks more complicated than it is. Both of these advantages sort of disappear into the dark blue Scotland-coloured yarn.

I never did knit row 50 of the Spring Shawl borders. It’s sort of nice to have it up my sleeve.


Here is a picture of Helen’s husband David and Perdita being silly last night. That cabinet is her half-way point to the top of the glass-fronted bookcase.

And here is an enchanting picture that Rachel sent of my four great-granddaughters. Juliet and Camilla O., on the left; Ruby and Orla K., on the right. And that’s my granddaughter Hellie, Ruby and Orla’s mother, behind.


  1. What lovely girls. Perdita certainly is adventurous. One oops my cats likes to perch or did until I moved and got rid of her favorite armoire. Will be moving again after moving last year hopefully to stay out for awhile

  2. =Tamar5:47 PM

    Awww. cute.

    Harvesting apples and a long drive before and afterward is enough to exhaust anybody.

  3. Glad you found a harvest worth travelling for, sorry it wiped you out for the evening. Four lovely great-grands.

  4. What a lovely photo! Glad you got the apples, worth the exhaustion when it is outside and doing something you love. I have to look for that cable. Looks more complicated than it is- music to my ears!