Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I’ve charted Thomas’ initials, for the concluding bit of the Calcutta Cup scarf; and have done such other minor calculations as were necessary. I realised I had been postponing those chores. I think I’ll probably do one more cross – they come every six rows. Maybe two. Then four rows without crossing. Then the end. I’m getting there.

Thank you very much for all of yesterday’s comments. And thank you, too, to those who like my sister couldn’t post, but wrote to me. You were a great comfort.


I’ll have to drop the Sakoolas case – this is getting ridiculous. But today I wanted to say how pleased I am that the dead man’s parents refused to meet Mrs S. in the oval office. It is not easy to say no to the most powerful man in the world in his own house – even if it is only Donald Trump. And it is not easy to make the right call when taken by surprise. Photographers were poised.

(Speaking of making the right call when taken by surprise, I feel Prince Charles doesn’t get enough credit for going to Paris that day and bringing Diana’s body back to London. They were fully divorced. They truly hated each other. He was at Balmoral with his sons. Only days before she had been scampering around the Mediterranean with Dodi. But Prince Charles got it right.)


I have gone straight on to “Framley Parsonage”. Trollope makes a splendid show in the first chapter of laying all his cards on the table – the young, handsome vicar is provided with a wife “somewhat larger than common” but, on the whole, a Good Thing. There are a couple of children. The living pays well. I suspect, like any conjuror, that the old boy has a few more cards up his sleeve.

And I am interweaving chapters of “Olive Kitteridge”. That book is a series of connected – but not consecutive – short stories. This is a re-reading, for me. Do read it if you haven’t yet.


  1. I'd forgotten about Prince Charles going to fetch Diana's body. Good for him.
    Your blog is great fun to read. I look out for it; don't worry, your take on life is never dull!

  2. I just couldn't get to comment yesterday, but want to say that you may not get up to much, but you are always worth reading - even when you are simply explaining why there is not a lot to report. We don't so much ask to be impressed or entertained, but just to hear that you continue, as well as you can. It is a species of friendship.

  3. Olive, Again is a new offering from Audible - it's on my wish list.

  4. I suspect that Trollope may have had dealings himself with bonds of various dubious kinds. They seem to crop up frequently as a pitfall for the unwary.
    I would love to hear your views on the two miracles needed for beatification, but I fear it may be trespassing on faith which passeth understanding.

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Coincidentally, I just re-watched "The Queen" (movie w/Helen Mirren) last night; I completely agree with you re the Prince of Wales. And I too am impressed with the poise and the stance of the victim's parents, put on the spot yet refusing to meet that runaway from justice. Good for them.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  6. I love your dismissal of the oaf in the White House: “even if it is only Donald Trump”. He’s such a scumbag and bully.

  7. Prince Charles may have done the right thing in the end, but he certainly messed up a lot of other things before that.

  8. I think Prince Charles was thinking of his duty to his country and his duty to his children. He did do well. As for the family of the poor fellow killed by Ms. S., they did what their hearts told them. Shame on Mr. T for pushing a meeting without anyone else preparing them. That was cruel. Considering what his administration does to young children at the border, I am not surprised.