Wednesday, October 02, 2019

No more dizziness – low blood sugar is a very interesting idea, Kay & others. But a bit of uneasy tummy.

I’m not quite sure about “Unsheltered”. Sarah, perhaps you should stay your hand. It’s awfully didactic, so far. I was expecting a lot about Darwin, in the parts set in the past – indeed, rather looking forward to it – but have just had an American-health-care scene in the present, and am thinking of switching to “Cranford”.

I’ve finished row 47 of the Spring Shawl borders, and hope to polish off another this evening. I find I am struggling with my conscience – it’s still only early October. Couldn’t I press ahead and finish Border Chart One (75 rows) before switching? But no, I think row 50 is where to stop. I got Gaughan’s cable source book out, ready to resume the scarf. At least it was in its proper place.

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  1. I have read mixed reviews of Unsheltered, and I feared lecture as story, so I may wait for a library copy. Another 25 rows doesn't sound like much from here, but then when I look at an image of the shawl, that is a big bite to swallow. AT least if you are hoping to finish the scarf and pocket square soon. Maybe If you finish the scarf sooner, you can feel smug and return to the shawl in the dark of December and get some comfort.