Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Tamar, you have no idea how few apples were involved, or how quick the harvest!

The sun has appeared, after a grey start to the day. And Maureen will be here soon for our lunch date.

Not much knitting. Perdita came and sat on my lap in mid-row yesterday evening. Had it been Paradox, I would have batted her off, but Perdita is not a lap cat and I thought maybe she needed me. She shows every sign of hating her sister, and of being afraid of her. We were alone in the room. She was sitting with her back to the door. She kept looking over her shoulder towards the door as if she feared we were going to be interrupted.

She has taken up residence on top of the glass-fronted bookcase. Were she not so stout, I would wonder if she is eating enough.


My sister and her husband (DC residents) are at the moment in France, on an Elderhostel expedition I think. I asked her, via email, whether DC was talking about Mrs Sakoolas, as all of Britain is. My sister is clearly in close touch with DC, distressed about the abandoning of the Kurds, interested in the fate of the Washington Nationals. (I gave up on baseball when it became a game of the night.) But she had not heard of Mrs Sakoolas.

Mrs S. recently killed a motorcyclist here in Britain by driving on the wrong side of the road. She assured the police at the scene that she wouldn’t go anywhere. She and her family then flew home to the US, claiming diplomatic immunity. Her husband is a spy – at any rate, works for the CIA. The dead man’s father is head of maintenance at the expensive school from which the Sakoolas children were abruptly removed. That might have seemed a bit OTT in a novel, but real life has more scope.

So far the US has been firm in maintaining the diplomatic immunity, while expressing Deepest Sympathy. The Prime Minister is soon going to absent himself briefly from his other problems and phone Mr Trump.

I would have thought the Sakoolas’s would find social life a bit difficult. “Hello, there! Great to see you! I thought you were going to be in England for another year!”

“Well, yes, but unfortunately I…”


  1. I did see that the lady in the case had a previous conviction for "without due care" in her home country so I would think that she has done harm to her husband's career as well as the obvious. So much sadness from a few moments of stupid .

  2. I did not see anything about the Sakoolas, but there has been so much else drowning out other news.

  3. I wish I could say my country would do the right thing about Mrs. Sakoolas, but as you know, "doing the right thing" is in short supply on this side of the Atlantic! We also seem to be a trifle lacking in the shame and embarrassment department.
    I think Perdita might become a lap cat in self-defense, or as a way of thumbing her nose at her sister. I have one who has taken to doing the exact same thing!

  4. Thanks again for a lovely lunch, Jean! It was so good to see you and the cats and your lovely Spring Shawl in progress!!