Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sorry about yesterday. The Italian lesson left me more than ordinarily prostrate. I went to bed as soon as I decently could. Somewhat better today, and I have added Thomas’ initials to the Calcutta Cup scarf. I think they’re the right way around. Picture tomorrow – at the moment, the bottom edge rolls up a bit and obscures the letters. The final ribbing (about to start) should fix that.

Much general excitement. Brooklyn Tweed’s Ranch 02:Forbes yarn is here and I still like the dark red. Only two patterns, both of course delicious – a cabled hat and a yoke sweater patterned in purls. The yarn is a limited edition – it’s now or never. But I must be firm.

And Andrew and Andrea are back, looking rather pale, with a Shetland Wool Week edition. (Have I watched all of it? I must check.) There was a good bit at the beginning about the opening party, with Oliver Henry on stage looking uncomfortable in a suit. We are so much more used to seeing him in that overall. He told us about meeting Prince Charles and how knowledgeably HRH had spoken about sheep.

Then we went back to base, and Andrew said what a compliment it was to the Prince that Oliver Henry had said such a thing. It was indeed.


An embarrassment of books, at the moment. I continue to read and enjoy Framley Parsonage. As in Doctor Thorne, debt plays a prominent role in the plot. I wonder if poor old Anthony was having money problems at the time?

And the new Le Carre has turned up (I had pre-ordered it). I read a page or two. It starts well. Reviews are not entirely rapturous, but good enough. And I have bought “Consider the Fork” on your recommendations. And Olive, Again will be with us any moment; I am continuing to re-read and to be mightily impressed by Olive Kitteredge. And there is a review in this morning’s paper of Starve Acre by Andrew Hurley. I’ve read one of his two previous books, and quite liked it.
That should get me through to Christmas.

Non-read, non-knit

Politics continues as muddled as ever. What we need is Mrs Thatcher: we like the Common Market. We do not want a federated Europe. She made it all seem so simple.


  1. On Friday, I had the privilege of a tour of the Brooklyn Tweed offices and warehouse (a much smaller operation than you might expect). We were shown a lovely video about Ranch 02, met the staff (including Jared Flood), and then had the opportunity to shop.

    Ranch 02 is a somewhat rough yarn, probably very good for cables and an outer-layer sweater. I'm not sure how well it would drape, or if it would soften with washing. The colors, like most Brooklyn Tweed yarns seem to me, are somehow flat. From my perspective, a little dull. The red is not a vibrant color, more of a solid red with a passing friendship with brick; the most attractive colors were the yellows, greens and browns, which were drawn from the landscape in Wyoming where the sheep were raised.

    If you can, hold a skein before you fall in love -- it may be just what you want, or not.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      A useful review. Thank you!
      -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

  2. I will be happy to add my take on the yarn later in the week, when I get to see it in person.