Sunday, October 04, 2020


A good day. Helen came and we got around the garden. Tomorrow we mean to go to the nearest pharmacy and see if we can get our flu injections. The season for them only started last week, but one gathers that demand has been very heavy and we may be too late. It’s disconcerting that Helen is old enough the qualify on the basis of age.


Andrew and Andrea have reappeared. They had planned o go to the Fano knitting festival, which got cancelled, but they went anyway because they had booked their accommodation. Quite a lot of other people did as well, and they had an interesting sub-festival. Christel Seyfarth was the interview-ee. I didn’t see anything that caught my fancy, knitting-wise. A lot of Christel’s designs were good, but none seemed to have the rhythm that two- (or more) colour knitting needs to have to make it do-able, for me.


My own knitting went forward, too. I found the left-overs from wee Hamish’s shawl. There’s plenty of red, perhaps enough blue. The yellow could be brighter – it dips towards the gold. Making the hat in jumper-weight would of course involve twice as much knitting as doing it in DK, but on the other hand would be vastly cheaper. At any rate, today’s task was to find the yarn and think about it; I’ve done that.


I cast on Carol Sunday’s Machu Picchu as an EPS. It was a bit of a struggle. I don’t remember a struggle with the one I’ve just finished – the difference must be colour. Machu Picchu is a dark charcoal grey until you get to the brilliantly-coloured yoke. I found it very difficult, in the first two rounds, to see what I was doing. But a k2, p2 rib has been established and on I go.


  1. Yes, how is it that we often end up knitting dark colours in the dark months? Hope you get to the yoke before Decenber. Next two for me in my queue are black and indigo - but before them, several pastels and brights for small family members, and then maybe some red socks.

  2. Machu pichu is stunning! Do you have an Ott light or one of those daylight lamps? I think they hapl with the dark yarn detail.

  3. =Tamar2:16 PM

    Seconding the idea of an Ott light, or at least a Daylight Bulb, which can fit into an ordinary lamp socket.