Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Helen and David are proposing to take me to Abbotsford tomorrow (so if I’m not here, that’s where I am). It’s Sir Walter Scott’s house, in the borders somewhere. I’ve been there a couple of times. Amongst the perks of old age – there are a few! – I won’t have to navigate, still less drive.


Archie was here today. We got a few things done, and had a nourishing and healthful lunch which I probably wouldn’t have bothered with but for his presence.


And I made progress with the Evandoon. I’ve finished that rhubarb-coloured stripe, and the narrow white one after it, and wound the next skein. I had thought that the current instruction – increase 8 sts every other round – ended somewhere in the middle of the next broad stripe; but no, it’s in the middle of the one after that. On we go.




Helen (anon): The secret of getting ahead with Christmas decorations (as you must have suspected) is to leave them up from last year. There are three doorknobs in my sitting room: one to the hall, one to the bedroom, and one to the stash cupboard. Each is currently hung with several project bags. Things could be simplified – some of the bags could be amalgamated. Maybe next week.


  1. Each of my doorknobs holds a different category: the back door holds the reusable grocery bags which we are not allowed to use at the moment. The hall closet doorknob holds my weekly meeting bags, guild and Bible study. The dining room doorknob holds projects that are done but not finished. So I guess our decorating is done too.

  2. We have a little short hallway from the living room to the laundry room, with a short wall which is not really useful for art or anything. I had my lovely husband build me a sort of scaffolding with dowels at intervals and he attached it to that wall. It will hold at least 10 project bags, and I think at present it's holding about 12. It even looks pretty good since many of the bags have pictures of sheep on them, or sayings. One says KNIT HAPPENS. (I don't really have that many WIPs; some of the bags hold yarn and a pattern not yet begun.) So I too am decorated!

  3. “Done but not finished.” Words only a knitter would understand. I wandered over to take a look at Abbotsford. I hope it is a lovely day out. I read a post by the gardener, where he mentioned some of their old apple varieties, including one called Bloody Ploughman! I hope you get a taste.

  4. =Tamar2:53 PM

    Ooh, old apple varieties! And it's the right season for it, too. Sounds like a lovely day.