Thursday, October 22, 2020


Who would have thought that that video of Hamish would work? I’m glad you enjoyed it.


My KD yarn came today! I’ve wound two skeins, and found a 4mm not-too-long circular. It remains but to choose a size. You might have thought I would have done that already. There are 11 of them. I ordered yarn for an over-generous one. Now I’ve got to narrow it down. This might be somebody’s Christmas present. I don’t want it grotesquely large.


Lynn, thank you for your remarks about white, and your introduction to Abby and “The Interior of my Brain”. I will pursue that, but haven’t yet.


I have often chosen colours by deriving them from a work of art, with varying success. The most successful of all was my most recent Fair Isle – Alexander’s vest to celebrate Scotland’s most recent Calcutta Cup success. The colour-source was an Edward Hopper called, I think, just “Gas”. I’ve only seen reproductions but it moves me deeply, that picture. One of the main reasons the colours in the vest were so successful, is that there were relatively few of them. A lesson learned. I’ll see if I can pull the pictures out for you.


Once, years ago, I based a Fair Isle on a rather peculiar picture – Ingres? – of a woman standing in front of a window through which one can see Vesuvius, with a plume of smoke arising. White smoke. That’s when I learned that white was dangerous – too late to save the sweater. I don’t remember what happened to it. Another lesson learned.


I’m continuing to enjoy Trollope’s “Is he Popenjoy?” The claimant has now appeared – a small child who might or might not be the legitimate heir of his father, a Marquis. The main interest of the story is elsewhere. Not Trollope’s best, as I said, but good enough to soothe. And nice and long. However, a weekend looms, and I must re-engage with Italian.


I’ll probably get up in the night to watch some of the debate. Mr. Trump is nothing if not entertaining.


  1. The picture of Gas, by Hopper' that gas station was just down the road from where I live. The gas station was torn down a few years ago. My Dad use to go there to get gas years ago! It was in the Town of Truro, MA

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Dear Jean, please fasten your seat belt. Here comes a rant. Personally, I think, yes, white can be a 'bully' or otherwise inappropriate but it can also 'wake up' other colors. A long series of vivid same-width stripes can somehow cancel each other out and feel flat (at least to me!) without a touch of white. Kaffe Fassett has called the color wheel the "work of the devil" probably because he feels any 'rules' with color are too inhibiting. Personally I love rules with some things. I love the rules of grammar, so comforting to me. But kind of always felt like Kaffe about the color wheel. Although without his genius, alas. Jean, it seems to me you usually tend toward autumnal colors where white can indeed feel a little jarring. Maybe cream or sneak white in with a touch of a yarn like denim which is blue wrapped around a core of white. We knitters do have a world of yarn as our oyster. Your 'Gas' led me to a video expounding on that painting in French. Duh! What a great way to improve one's language skills. And here I was just using the pandemic to clean out my closets. (Sorry if I sounded 'lecturing' just now. Which my sister regularly reminds me that I do.) :-). Chloe

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Or maybe the richness of autumnal colors don't need white or it's substitutes at all. Chloe