Sunday, October 18, 2020


As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods:

   They kill us for their sport.


Andrew, of course, will be the out-lier. This is going to turn out all right. (see comments yesterday) But I am depressed, as are we all. Talking about knitting here seems a bit frivolous this evening.


Nor is there any news. I’ve knit a few more random Shetland stripes. I’ve read some of a Barbara Vine which had somehow escaped my attention before.


I didn’t get out because – as so often – I was waiting for a delivery.  Archie is coming tomorrow, and effort will be required of me.


  1. Such shockng news about Andrew. I keep imagining his body chomping away those tumor cells and obliterating them. My visual is something like Pac-Man.
    I’m thinking the cancellation of your cruise is good for C.
    She must have been torn between going with you and helping her daughter and family.
    This has been a strange year.

  2. =Tamar11:21 PM

    Frivolous? I don't think so. Knitting is known to help keep people grounded. It helps focus and attention. It calms anxiety. It produces a tangible object. Talking about it helps maintain human connection, important when we are so physically separated. As EZ wrote, Knit on! - and write about it.

  3. Indeed such sad and shocking news about Andrew. He will continue to be in my prayers - along with Andrea, their daughter and their medical team. So unfair.:(

  4. Yes, shocking news about Andrew. Trying to think positively about this as requested. I'm so grateful to you, Jean, for putting some of us onto them in the first place, and glad that I became a patron.

  5. Archie will cheer you up. Making an effort can be a good thing. At least you will be eating properly.

    Choose bright colours to knit with and hope for the best - easily said, I know.

  6. I keep visualizing ripping out Andrews rumor and throwing it on the ground to smash like a tomato. So hoping he beats this. I feel like I know them.

  7. Anonymous1:47 PM

    absolutely shockingly terrifying! I wonder if his - Andrew's team has suggested immuno-therapy. Dr. Shalhav at Uof Chicago treats urinary cancer, but I wonder if he could help with suggestions.