Tuesday, October 06, 2020


A good day. I knit peacefully on – the ribbing is at that familiar stage where no matter how much I do, the length doesn’t change. Nor did I do anything else about the hat. I entertained, without deciding upon, the wicked thought of sliding the EPS into my wardrobe without blocking it. And I thought seriously about something colourful to get me through the winter solstice. I’ve liked the first two items in Kate Davies’ new club, but they are both single-colour. Maybe there is a new bright yoke sweater to come.  There are some good, colourful yokes in her shop, but not in the new yarn, Schiehallion.


Cam, thank you for the comment yesterday, with link,  about Cat Bordhi’s  cast-on. I feel sure I couldn’t do it. I really ought to try. I feel the same, reading and re-reading Carol Sunday’s instructions for casting on the brioche cowl. She, too, offers YouTube tutorials. I’ve got to try that one, if I am ever to knit the cowl.


Nicola Sturgeon is going to announce new regulations tomorrow to introduce a “circuit breaker” into the spread of the virus in Scotland (which is getting worse, as it is elsewhere). C. and I are waiting breathlessly to see if she means to spoil our cruise. “No unnecessary travel,” for instance.


Archie came today, and we got some useful things done, including my walk. Then his brother Mungo joined us, and cooked lunch. He’s got a couple of job-possibilities on the go.


  1. Jean, the moebius cast-on is easier than a lot of the long-tail cast-ons I've tried in my life, especially the twisted German whatever -- I don't think I'll ever master that! But the moebius cast-on is like falling off a log, and I'm serious, once you start, it's hard to stop -- it's so fun!

    1. So agree with you, Cam, on that! Once I got it started, it was (as we say in the States) easy as pie:)!

  2. I've used the cast-on too. It was very simple. I do wish I had known about using the moss or rice stitch.

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I guess it all depends on how your mind works. To me the German cast on is a piece of cake. Just an extra twist right before you launch into the standard longtail cast on. I think I might have trouble learning Cat's method but would then probably enjoy it as well. Chloe

  4. =Tamar4:03 PM

    Cat B. used to do her cast-on behind her back and skipping around the room. Maybe that's the secret? ;-)

    I vote for bright color knitting both winter and summer.