Monday, October 19, 2020


All well, I guess. Archie came, and we did a circuit of the garden. He’s coming back tomorrow for another circuit, and some chores. I’ve knit a few more random Shetland stripes – picture soon – and am not terribly pleased with what is happening. It’s colourful, all right, but messy. I’m going to switch to KD’s whatever-it’s-called as soon as it arrives.


The weather is glum. The radio keeps assuring me that rain is sleeting down all over Scotland, palpably not true, but perhaps it is doing so in the west which would be some consolation for our aborted cruise. Food is a good part of the Majestic Line package, but another part is healthful walks in the beautiful wilderness. (I had planned to stay on board with my knitting and some birdwatching.) The weather can be glorious and invigorating, this time of year – it has been recently – but not at the moment.


Cats: I have one of those cat-drinking-fountain things in the kitchen. But that’s what’s regarded around here as Paradox’s water. They’re funny animals.


Last week’s kimchi is effervescing all over the kitchen counter in a most satisfactory way. I had planned to leave this batch behind to fester away while I was cruising, but in fact I am soon going to want to start eating it. My microbiome must be in splendid condition.


  1. IT might be a bit of comfort that it is miserable weather in the cruise location. We are "unseasonably cold" and having flurries. I harvested squash in the flurries today. At least we don't have wildfires. Tonight, knitting in the warm.

  2. =Tamar12:09 AM

    I think a certain amount of "messy" is the point of randomness. It will probably look better when more is done. You chose to do it from a picture you liked, didn't you? Or was it just the idea that appealed?