Monday, January 11, 2021


2447 steps so far today. Hobbling about will easily supply the deficit.


I’ve just found two messages on my phone (not emails, phone messages) one from the DVLA saying I am owed a refund on my vehicle tax, and the other from HMRC saying I am owed a tax rebate. In both cases I am invited to click on an official-sounding web address. How do they know my mobile number? I wouldn’t have discovered the messages for weeks, but that I am doing all this step-counting. I copied the messages and sent them to Alexander, my financial adviser, but (presumably because I gave my message the title “Scam?”), Googlemail blocked it. I tried again, calling it “Today” and copying to Ketki.


Both have been blocked. I’ll phone this evening. My tranquility, however,  has been disturbed and I write with difficulty.


I’ve reached something like round 23 on the borders of Gudrun’s hap. Another pattern round looms, and I will certainly take your advice and insert markers. It makes sense.

Later: I've spoken to both Ketki and Alexander. Both are well, unaware that their email inboxes are blocked. Alexander agrees with my suspicion of the phone messages. 

Their children are "back at school" on-line, and getting the full treatment. They have to wear uniform, and are not allowed to turn their Zoom camera off, and even have to turn up for non-exam classes like philosophy. 


  1. =Tamar6:18 PM

    You are correct in assuming they were scams. I googled and both "dvla scam" and "hmrc scam" came up with text, email, and phone message forms. You sensibly and intelligently identified them.

    Congratulations on the steps and knitting!

  2. These scammers are everywhere. Here in Canada they call / leave a message on your phone, pretending to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency and threatening that the RCMP (the Mounties) will be coming to arrest your if you don’t pay them. Oh and they want you to pay in Bitcoin! Also there is never an option to hear the message in French, a sure sign you are not dealing with our federal government.

  3. TV licensing is another regular one. It tries to convince you that your payments are not up to date and your license has expired or about to.

  4. You are on top of those scammers! Many mail systems have a way of identifying those types of messages and won't let them through. I expect a normal email from you to Alexander or Ketki would go through just fine. I have two scam text messages on my phone this morning. So irritating! I saw a piece recently asking children if Joe Biden called or texted them and asked what he should do first, what would they say. One boy said, "First, I'd ask how he knew my number.."

  5. I have gotten calls from the "Social Security Office" claiming that my account has been hacked. I just hang up. They would never call!

    My big news is that I was able to schedule my first dose of the vaccine on Saturday and my husband who is 82 will get his on Sunday. I am 78 so I fit the category that can get the early doses in New York City.
    This is a huge relief that in a month or so we will have immunity. It takes at least 2 weeks after the first jab to develop 50% immunity then the second shot is given 4 weeks later.

  6. Marilyn Nance11:18 PM

    Definitely scams.

  7. I dont know about the dvla but hmrc will never leave messages, they will always send a letter.

  8. They're always scams - HMRC and DVLA always get in touch via snail mail and don't have my mobile number anyway! If you're ever not sure, it's best to check the official website.

  9. Anonymous11:22 AM

    I don't think any government agency anywhere would ever contact you by phone or email. They only use snail mail, contacting you by letter in your mailbox. When something like that happens, do not reply. Hang up. We get a LOT of phone scams. We were told once that there is technology out there that can take your words "yes" or "no" and apply them to a verbal agreement of some nefarious kind. So at least do not use those words if you find yourself suddenly engaged in conversation. Same with email. Delete it. These are mostly common things that happen to a lot of people Jean. I hope they don't shake you up too much. I know how that feels. Just be alert, follow those practices, and you should be okay. Of course if you ever feel threatened, call the police. But I don't see that happening where you live. Sorry to go on and on but it is not human nature to stay constantly alert so maybe repetition might trigger wariness when it is needed...It looks as though counting steps is promoting more walking. What a great technique! You will out live us all! Chloe