Saturday, January 30, 2021


A day of remarkable non-achievement. No knitting, no reading. 2653 steps so far – that’s something, anyway.


I plan to make kimchi tomorrow. I peeled the garlic (there’s lots) and got things together and found the fish sauce and the gochugaru chilli flakes. So that’s something else.


Thank you for your help with the blocking pads. You’re absolutely right, Mary Lou – the dining room table isn’t wide enough for Gudrun’s hap. But KayT’s account of sliding part of the arrangement onto the backs of adjacent chairs may inspire me to try – facing the fact that I would have to buy two sets of pads, as she did.


The Amazon comments attached to the knitters’ blocking pads say that they are better than the ones meant for children, but I am attracted by your idea of writing rudeness while you block, jeanfromCornwall.


Jane Austen


I agree with you utterly, Shandy, that it is remarkable that JA was able to start writing again after so long a hiatus. And the three novels still to come, before her early death, are surely the greatest.


Mary Lou: Pirandello’s Italian is pretty straightforward – doesn’t mean I can understand what he means.


  1. =Tamar8:29 PM

    My only concern would be the finish on the table, but I suppose the pads are waterproof
    Organization and preparation are achievements!

  2. I use polystyrene sheets - obtained for nothing from a "white goods" store. They aren't as easy to store as the blocking pads would be but, while I have the room, I intend to stay with them. The t-pins go in very easily. The only problem is that they do wear out. Small pieces go on to other pieces of polystyrene packing people have given me - knowing what I will use those pieces for. I did buy the blocking wires though - very useful for shawls!

  3. Some days, just taking the next step is an achievement. And having already peeled garlic sounds like a major improvement to the kimchi process! I am reading John Banville’s Snow. So far, so very good.

  4. I'm on "Phineas Finn" at present. My word, Trollope does go on. I expect that he was always conscious of having to meet his daily quota of words written.