Thursday, January 07, 2021


Well. I don’t think there’s much I can significantly add to what everybody is saying everywhere. Shandy’s remark (comment yesterday) will take some beating: “Could they not just knit themselves hats?”


I am frightened that a madman should remain in charge of the world for as long as a fortnight. Depriving him of social media means that we won’t have any clues to his thinking, and that he is deprived of (relatively) harmless entertainment as he sits there typing. I trust that security at the Capitol will be tightened.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…


We had a cold night, and a frosty-looking morning. I stayed in. There was an article in this morning’s paper about how slippery streets (in Edinburgh, specifically) are adding to the miseries of a&e departments. I have been walking industriously up and down the house, and have reached 1720 steps. I think I’ll be able to bag my 2000 before bedtime.


And I have also knit industriously. I’m now doing round 10, I think, of the 50 rounds in the borders. Knitting the centre first means that the stitch count increases as I go, by eight stitches every other round. Basically, I prefer what I think of as the Amedro System – edging first, then borders inwards with the stitch-count decreasing. However, a nice thing about centre-first is that once one starts knitting round and round for the borders, the shawl forms a useful lap-bag for pattern and yarn.


Not much reading, what with one thing and another. I’m not really much enjoying Barbara Pym’s “No Fond Return of Love” – only just enough to keep going. At least it isn’t violent.


A nice thing about a dry January (or any other month, of course) is that – unlike Lent – the calendar counts along with you. If today is the 7th, I must have done a week. I worry a bit about the possibility that I might be feeling peppier – in that case I’d have to go on, at least until our cruise in May, postponed from last year. And then the cruise would be cancelled and I would have missed out on all that cider. I heard on the news tonight that the Japanese are worried about the Olympics (also postponed from last year) – and they’re not due until July.


  1. Those step counts maybe do suggest that you should stay off the booze, Jean, especially as you find it distressing to feel your own strength waning. Maybe you could restrict the cider to Saturday evenings when the dry January ends?
    I did wonder if i was being a bit flip with that comment yesterday, but after all that's what Democrats in their millions did last time.

  2. =Tamar4:41 PM

    We already know what he's thinking. Scotland already told him he can't hide out there. I hope other countries do the same.

    It's possible that the walking is also helping you feel peppier. Congratulations on both. I second the idea of trying a moderation of cider intake.