Wednesday, January 06, 2021


Unwonted cheerfulness…


         --- The sourdough turned out well.

         --- Helen came early, so that we could finish our walk before my Tesco delivery at 10. As we set forth, we spotted Tesco delivering my food to a neighbour on the other side of Scotland Street, to which my acquaintance doesn’t extend. A moment later or earlier and we would have missed him, and spent the day in misery looking for my food.

          --- I finished the six set-up rounds for the hap borders, and have embarked on the first colour. I think there’s a small mistake in the pattern, a misplaced “*” as in “repeat from *”. It doesn’t make a tremendous amount of difference – a round of YO eyelets has been worked with a K1 between them. I’ll check with Gudrun’s Craftsy class eventually, and alter the pattern if need be – just in case I live to knit the hap again.

          --- Big news: my GP’s website says that they will get supplies of the Oxford vaccine next week, and will have a vaccination clinic on Saturday the 16th for the mobile over-85’s. That’s me! But I must wait for them to get in touch.

          --- It’s a bit too soon to embark on the rejoicing, but it sounds as if the news from Georgia is going to be good.


But as darkness falls, gloom re-descends.

          --- The number of British coronavirus cases, and deaths, and hospitalisations, since yesterday, has never been worse.




         I’ve spent much of today with that enormous COVID story in a recent New Yorker. I got three New Yorkers yesterday. I don’t think it’s tremendously good.


         Helen highly recommends “The Hare with the Amber Eyes”, as enthusiastically recommended by Jean and Marilyn. So I think I’ll go for that, even though the Kindle is expensive. She also spoke with great enthusiasm of Marilynne Robinson. I find I have “Gilead” on my Kindle already but fear I drifted away and never finished it.


         Shandy, it would be fun indeed to talk about Trollope’s women, and there are indeed some corkers in Barchester Towers. Even in the oft-repeated category of blameless maidens who find happiness in love, he doesn’t really repeat himself. So perhaps I’ll do as you suggest, after The Hare.


  1. Things are looking positive in Georgia, but ominous in DC — as I write this, the Capitol has been evacuated. Trump is doing his best to destroy the Union. May he rot in a jail cell for the rest of his days.

  2. I too watched with tears in my eyes as the morning unfolded

  3. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Watching the news from the US. Shocked but sadly not surprised. At least the Senate looks good.


  4. =Tamar10:07 PM

    Georgia came through for democracy.

  5. We have been horrified by the events in the Capitol. At this point, just after 6 PM EST the protesters have mostly dispersed, and word is that the Congress will return to do its job.
    Thrilled about Georgia; a shred of good news.

    And so happy you will get the vaccine, Jean.
    Stay safe!

  6. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Does your library offer free downloads? Ours does, and that's how I'm my first Barbara Pym, thanks to you. We have 2 different services, Hoopla and Libby. Maybe give them a call and see?

    Beverly in NJ

  7. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Oops, reading my first Barbara Pym obviously.

    b in nj

  8. Really good news about your vaccination. A word of caution: a friend's niece, a hospital medic, caught Covid eight days after being vaccinated, as it takes time to work. Not that you will be hitting Princes Street straight after the jab.
    Let's hope cooler heads prevail in countries with long traditions of democracy. Could they not just knit themselves hats?

  9. 'Gilead' is my all time favourite book - and the source of my favourite quote 'There are a thousand thousand reasons to live this life, every one of them sufficient' (p277).