Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Helen came, and we got around the garden twice. It has left me feeling as if I had run a half-marathon. We probably ought to do it more often, when my caretakers can spare the time. 2781 steps today so far.


I’m half way around round 32 (of 50) on the borders of Gudrun’s hap. 33 is a pattern round, on which I will be able to reap the benefit of all those markers.


Fruity Knitting turned up, with an episode which was published om Christmas Eve. How did I miss it? Presumably for assuming it was one of those voice-only q&a sessions with a famous designer, for patrons. I thought Andrew looked a bit better, more colour. His voice is still funny, though (and he’s not doing any knitting). We are promised a bulletin on his health soon.


The main attraction was an interview with Vivien Hoxbro about her book about Danish night shirts. (I’ve got it, I feel sure, but – as so often – can’t find it.) It’s an interesting subject, and there are some lovely designs, all knits and purls.


I was sorry to see that Amy Herzog is giving up her on-line Custom Fit business. She says it no longer pays, and she’s doing lots of other things. I think I’ve got a book of hers, too.




I have no trouble with the ones which are just throwing bait onto the water to see if any of us fish will come up and take it. Alexander has taught me never to respond to a recorded message. Occasionally those are OK and in that case they will get back to me, one way or another. The ones from “the bank” which were trying to rob me of my life savings, were more upsetting. (It happened twice.) A man was talking to me, pretending to be concerned to protect my money.




I’ve gone back to “Barchester Towers” as you suggested, Shandy. It’s a comfort to be there, all right. The only thing I’ve got to say about women, so far, is that Eleanor Bold nee Harding has a lot in common with Mrs. Ray, Rachel’s mother – a woman who needs someone to cling to like ivy.




I think I’ve decided not to worry about vaccination. Lot’s of people my age have been done already, lots of others haven’t, I’m pretty sure they’ll get to me as soon as they can. The NHS uses date-of-birth as an identifier so much that I can be sure my doctor has xxxx3x attached to my name, and the most slow-witted computer will find me when it looks for over-85’s.


  1. =Tamar6:19 PM

    Twice! Wow!

  2. So over a mile, now! Do you think it is helping your energy? I somehow missed the Fruity Knitting update as well, but there I have had so much election related begging letters in my email it is hard to sort out.

  3. Well done with the walking, Jean!

  4. Jean - I'll be frank. I don't think it is wise to push yourself to the point of extreme fatigue. I am caring for my husband who is 3 months younger than you. I have had a few scares when he has pushed himself to walk more. He was near collapse.

  5. You've hit that particular nail on the head, with the ivy image, Jean. Watch out for it reappearing later. Strangely Eleanor herself is not at all ivy-like, and makes a point of treading her own path. So it must be Trollope's idea of the the role of women - at least those who are not caricatures.

  6. Just a note re scams.. you may want to delete the number you wrote in this post which also has the words d*te *f b*rth in it and your n*me is on the blog

    bots (automated programs) scrap websites...

    fyi from a techie