Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Exciting news: my GP’s practice nurse rang up today with my vaccination appointment – next Tuesday afternoon. It will be the Astra Zeneca one, I am sure. Rachel, in London, had Pfizer.


1833 steps so far today. I’ll pass 2000 by bedtime, but not by much. I reached 2500 yesterday.


I’m in the saddle with my hap edging – eight done so far (of the 14 needed for the first side), without disaster. That means I can add four to the progress bar n the right. I remain profoundly anxious about the possibility of mind-wandering, and am, on the whole, only sitting down to do one at a time. Or maybe two. 

Mary Lou, that is a good idea about contacting Kathy’s Knits to find someone who will block it for a fee. I’m not worried about squaring up to measurements, but I do want every individual point to have its pin or blocking wire.


I used to have blocking wires but didn’t get on well with them, and gave them to a friend.


I’ve stopped worrying about income tax, too. Alexander found a link on the HMRC website to a page called “Check if you need to send a Self Assessment tax return”. I did check, and it said I didn’t need to. They know where I live. They wrote to me when my husband died, and they send me a Tax Code every year. I think they would have sent a letter if they wanted a tax return. I will give serious thought, however, to finding a congenial accountant to help before this time next year.




I see that Amazon will sell me Nabokov’s “Lectures in Literature”. I think I must get it, for Mansfield’s Park’s sake. I don’t forget having read that one. Thank you, Kirsten. Lady Bertram is indeed a magnificent study in doing nothing.


I’m still reading McWilliams, still enjoying it, although it is sad. She lives near here, and is said to have expressed admiration for the plants on my doorstep during one of her early-morning walks.


  1. I am glad to hear you have got properly going with the edging. I often find that a knitted on edging takes several attempts, swearing and throwing it in the corner before I get into the rhythm of the pattern. You should be ok from here on!

  2. Glad you have an appointment for the vaccine. We got ours last weekend, to much relief, and were able to book the second appointment mid February. We got the Moderna vaccine which requires about 4 weeks between doses for full immunity.
    Keep up the steps!
    And we have a new president today. The inauguration was moving.
    Just after Biden took the oath of office there were whoops and shouts of joy on our block.

  3. Jean, if you do buy LOL, make sure the read “Good Readers and Good Writers’” which opens the volume — it is a short essay — and “The Art of Literature and Commonsense” at the end. Hurrah for the vaccine appointment!

  4. Hooray for the vaccine appointment! And the edging.

  5. And yes, every point must be pinned out!

  6. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Good news about your vaccine appointment, and did your sister and her husband allow themselves that glass of champagne?

    Sarah in Somerset.

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    So nice that the appointment came to You. And you didn't have to fight to obtain one. Chloe

  8. Wonderful news about your jab.
    I have bought the Nabokov, Kristen, and have read the piece on "Mansfield Park". So refreshing to read some old-fashioned lit-crit which one can actually understand. I find increasingly that I don't even understand the titles of some of the pieces offered in, for example, the Gaskell Society Journal.
    I am a bit puzzled by Nabokov's use of the word "Theme" throughout. eg the theme of the horse, the theme of the play, even the theme of Sotherton. To my mind themes are big issues which are handled in the work eg education and its effect on character, rather than incidents and episodes. But it was stimulating to hear a different voice.