Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Alexander came to see me, and may come again next week, before they sequester themselves at Loch Fyne for the summer. It’s been a while since I've seen him. I was stronger today; we got all the way around the garden, and my step-count is almost up to a feeble 2000.


KnitNance and Tamar, comments yesterday, you’re right that I must be careful about eating. In youth, hunger took care of the problem, but nowadays that can’t be guaranteed.


No knitting. What I need is to get back in the way of watching television.




Here’s my report for Friday, June 4:

We spent last night in the Gairloch, not Loch Torridon as I told you, and this morning came to Portree. It was bumpy, the worst we've had. I went ashore, for the first time, and bought a stripey jacket. I am very feeble. Portree is somewhat better than Tobermory. After a blowy, off-and-on-y day, we're having a beautiful evening. We will stay here tonight.

 I bought the stripey jacket at a place called Skye Batik (I think). They’ve got a lot of interesting clothes. Here is a picture of me and C:


And here is another in which the jacket is more conspicuous:


And here is one of Portree. It’s a nice place.


  1. I do like the stripey jacket, and echo the suggestion of a nutritionist. I think MDs learn very little about nutrition.

  2. =Tamar12:11 AM

    That jacket looks very cozy. Just the right length, too. The colors resemble those I recall seeing on the flora of the Highlands - good camouflage for sneaking around? [wink]
    As for meals, maybe a food diary would help, or a chart on the refrigerator to be checked off after eating.

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Super striped jacket!
    Great memento of the cruise.
    Lisa RR

  4. As my mom got to your age she had lost a lot of weight and rarely felt hungry. She knew she needed to try to eat but rarely felt like it so had a really hard time. I tried encouraging her to eat the “junk food” protein she loved, cheese and pepperoni and high fat snacky stuff like that, knowing that would be better than nothing and the fat would give her energy. Unfortunately she had spent most of her life dieting and watching her weight so this was a hard sell. All I can suggest for you is to try to eat as much as you can, maybe in small snacks just to keep that strength up, especially if you’re trying to get some exercise in every day.

    Big hugs,

    PS Loved your photo of Portree, we stayed in the pink/salmon house on the hill in the photo when we were there in 2007, the year I first got together with you in Edinburgh!

  5. Love the jacket - and your confidence in buying something on your only shore trip. Why not stock up on a few packs of easy eating things, like chocolate biscuits? On days when you are not up to full-on cooking you can have a couple of biscuits each time you have a cup of tea. That would keep your energy levels up.

  6. The jacket looks great. Thanks for sharing the notes on your trip (Robin)