Tuesday, June 29, 2021


Another peaceful day of Wimbledon.


I was much taken aback by the third set of Murray’s match yesterday – he had won the first two sets, and was up 5-0 in the third, and then proceeded to lose seven consecutive games, and the third set. I was sure he was going to lose the match and it was already late and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to sleep, so I stopped watching. But just before going to bed, not much later, I had a last look at my email and spotted a headline: “Murray break up in fourth set”. What on earth? So I had a look and it didn’t mean what I had assumed: Murray was a break up, and went on to win the set and therewith the match. The indefinite article makes all the difference. What an odd and interesting language we speak!


The sock is somewhat advanced, but not as much as it should be. I tried the system I used to employ in my youthful and vigorous days, when I would use Wimbledon to catch up on the ironing. I would stop ironing and watch intently whenever there were 30 points against the server. I did that for a while with the sock. My notes say I want 65 rounds from the end of the gusset shaping to the beginning of the toe shaping. That seems rather a lot. At the moment, I’ve done about 35.


Thank you for your comments yesterday. I look better in those pics than I feel – or, indeed, than I am. Helen and I got around the garden this morning (rather to my surprise) – 2026 steps today. I’ll have to do it alone tomorrow. It is remarkable how much difference four days’ absence has made to the garden.

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  1. =Tamar4:56 AM

    Four days makes a big difference this time of year. Congratulations on your walk.
    Firecrackers here all week, for no very obvious reason. Also, hot.