Sunday, June 20, 2021


I feel much better, and have eaten almost normally. I didn’t go out, which was a shame, because it looked like a lovely day. I must certainly make that effort tomorrow. And it looks as if Helen and I and the cats can go to Kirkmichael next weekend – her son Fergus and some of his university friends are going to be there for a week, but it turns out they’re not arriving until Monday the 28th. We can have the preceding Friday-Sunday. That will be after the solstice, which is rather a shame, but you can’t have everything. And the cats won’t notice.


I even got a bit of knitting done today, down towards the heel of those Kaffe Fassett socks.

Tamar: I don't know of any association between low blood sugar and itching, but when Michaela was telling me her symptoms last Thursdsy she mentioned that the palms of her hands were itching. I had exactly the same symptom. And the internet says that it can be a sign of anaemia. I am often assailed by itching at night. I was thoroughly checked out out by a geriatric clinic three years ago, but one wonders...t




Not very interesting:


Grey, rainy. We were offered a walk after an early lunch. Oronsay, I think it was, on Skye. I didn't attempt it. Tomorrow will be Canna towards which we are currently steaming. It is said to be a small island which one can walk around. I'll skip that too. Then Tobermory. Then Oban and home to my cats. I miss them desperately.


Then the next day:


"The sun has come back, although not warmly, and Canna this morning was a great success. It is full of interesting things to look at. I stayed on board as planned but even I could see quite a bit as the boat swung in slow arcs from its anchor. I had been worried because C. wasn't being offered,much in the way of  the walks I had promised but today has compensated somewhat. At the moment they are all striding around Muck which looks much.less interesting.


Then we went to see some puffins and I saw them but they were flying and a puffin is really not very interesting unless it will stand still and let you admire its beak. 

 Lots of bouncing"

 Today’s pics are all from Canna:


  1. =Tamar8:23 PM

    Lovely photographs. The tour I was on drove along Skye but most of our stops were in towns.
    Three years? It may be time to be checked again.

  2. Three years ago is a VERY long time for us seniors. Please make an appointment. Even my senior cats get seen every six months or so.

    1. I agree, KnitNance. In ny opinion exams should be yearly. keep taking care, everyone

  3. My symptom for low blood sugar seems to be ill temper.
    Very lovely photos, the green-ness is always amazing.

  4. My palms itch when I’m having an allergic reaction.