Thursday, June 10, 2021


Thank you for all your kind messages.


I’m feeling enormously feeble. In recent weeks, the object of life has been to be strong enough to get up the steps onto the boat on the 29th of May. I did that. I didn’t move all that much during the cruise. But, apart from anything else, amongst the provisions made for Covid was to declare the main-deck lavatory/head out of bounds for passengers, so at least one had to toil up and down the stairs to one’s en suite cabin from time to time.


The object of life now must be to recover the strength I had on the 29th of May. Archie came this morning. We got to the garden. We walked in the garden. But walking the circumference was beyond me. C. is coming tomorrow. 1622 steps so far today. Could be worse – must be better.


Here is a picture Archie took this morning, of Perdita watching from the window of the Catalogue Room as we got back from our walk. She was just like that when I got home on Tuesday, except that she was meowing. 

Everybody was calmer today. Helen proposes to take all three of us to Kirkmichael next weekend, virtually at the solstice. That would be wonderful. Paradox is a brilliant mouser, and Perdita, like me, enjoys strolling in the garden.


I don’t care for mice. They skitter so. But I was slightly encouraged, when we bought Burnside, to learn that field mice and house mice are different species and won’t live in the same house, I knew that there was a separate species of mouse on St Kilda. I learned on this cruise that there is another one on Canna. The island was recently purged of rats, and before that was done, a breeding colony of mice were removed so that they could be replaced afterwards. Once the rats were gone, the island was overrun with rabbits.


No knitting. I have been pondering on the problem suggested by my sidebar – where are the Kaffe Fassett socks which I claim as FO’s? I think I  remember them. This is slightly alarming, One of our fellow-passengers had vascular dementia as a follow-on from a stroke. His wife said it was getting worse fast, and she didn’t trust herself as a carer. (C. was far better than I at talking to people and learning things like that.)


I’ve embarked on The Forsyte Saga, recommended by my sister. So far, so good.


Old friends from Birmingham are coming tomorrow, so I probably won’t be here.


  1. Dear Jean, You were bound to fall into a slump after your adventure, but the great thing is you did it and enjoyed all that you could of the trip. And if you hadn't left the cats, you would never have got the lovely greetings from them. It has done them good too - they will appreciate you more. Just don't expect them to show it!

  2. =Tamar5:27 PM

    You will do better. And at least the socks were completed! Either they will turn up or someone will have found them and they will have become a gift to the universe.

  3. Well done! And staring into space at sea or in the mountains and green space sounds perfectly heavenly. Welcome home.

  4. I always have a couple of 'floppy' days after a holiday... And I agree with Mary Lou, the idea of staring into space, using long distance vision instead of always reading books, watching TV or unpicking knitting as I do all day sounds heavenly. What memories!