Wednesday, June 30, 2021


A pretty good day. Only 1883 steps, although I got all the way around the garden by myself this morning. Much of the rest of the day was devoted to tennis and feeble knitting. Murray is playing – he started well. I mean to go on watching for a while, but I doubt if I’m strong enough for much more knitting. How I used to rejoice, in earlier decades, that my passion in life required so little physical effort. It turns out not to be as little as all that.


Here’s another picture from the cruise – C. and I up to goodness-knows-what, photographed by Christine, a solitary traveller interested in birds. We didn’t know she took pictures of people as well – a Miss Marple-type character? Notice that I have (a) cider (b) my iPad (in its red cover) and (c) my knitting. All that life requires:


  1. Like your garment, what I can see of it.

  2. I too am enjoying seeing your cruise wardrobe. Have you reflected at all on the way that cider-drinking may be impacting on your well-being? In January you felt stronger when abstaining. Just a thought.

  3. =Tamar12:38 PM

    Too weak to knit? It really is time to have a discussion with your doctor.