Monday, June 28, 2021


I’ve had a lovely first-day-of-Wimbledon, and must hurry back to watch Murray. I’m not as much further forward with that sock as I ought to be – but somewhat.


Helen has sent me pictures from our weekend in Perthshire. Me and the cats:


Me and Perdita in the commonty:


Me and a tree in the Den – the bosky bit between the house and the commonty:


That’s not just any old tree, either. It’s a poplar. Long ago, somewhere around 1970, my husband planted an acre or so with poplars. When we next got back, he found that deer had eaten almost all of them. Helen and I – where was everyone else? – were sent down there to rescue the few survivors. It was the Christmas holiday. It wasn’t just a matter off applying a spade or a fork. We had to disengage the roots from the freezing mud with frozen fingers. The experience has left a deep impression on both of us. She was probably 8 or 9. We rescued three or four trees and brought them home.


I don’t remember the next step. Maybe my husband planted them himself. But there they still are, and Helen and I are now rather proud of them.


  1. Enjoying your (Helen's) pictures. Waiting for Andy Murray now.

  2. Your walking around pretty good on that rough ground. Good for you!! Love the cat, a faithful friend!

  3. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Glad you had such a great time

    Those cats look rather well-fed.

    Beverly in NJ

  4. I love the pictures of you and the cats out walking, thank you so much for sharing them. Our previous cats would come for walks too, but it became rather difficult because they would attach dogs on sight - awkward!

  5. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Love the pictures! Your outfit fits you well, too. You seem to be keeping up with the fashions. That's a good sign, in my book!

  6. Wonderful to think of you and the cats out for a bit of exercise and fresh air.