Monday, August 16, 2021


Alas! that we couldn’t all have met at Franklin’s yard sale!


I’m sorry about letting you down yesterday. I can’t remember quite what was wrong – I was feeble (of course), and didn’t feel well. I cancelled this morning’s Italian lesson – it had been moved to Monday because my tutor was away for the Ferragosto. The next two are automatically cancelled because of the cruise and I feel slightly as I used to at the beginning of the school holidays. I’m feeling slightly sprightlier today as well. But I must still finished and send her my little essay on Il Colibri’.


Helen came and cleaned up after me somewhat (still no Romanians). Archie is home but in quarantine because of only having been vaccinated once. I walked part-way around the garden by myself. 1645 steps. Could be worse. Could be a good deal better.

I spent much of this afternoon (not really) sewing a vital cuff button on a shirt which is essential for the cruise. I'm very clumsy when it comes to buttons, and to sewing in general. So that's something done.


I’ve made some progress with that sock – I'm half-way through the heel-flap. I should have enough of it done to leave it behind when I go cruising and take along the new preposterous Kate Davies kit instead. I’ve heard that it’s on its way – she’s very prompt. I’ve found a needle for it, I think. The knitting tool which I find hardest to keep hold of is my needle gauge, and sure enough, today, could find only a vastly inferior one. However, I think I’ve got a suitable needle and since we start with corrugated rib, I don’t really think I’ll want a smaller gauge for that.


The pattern has miraculously turned up in my Ravelry library so I can knit from the iPad. The printer defeats me these days.




  1. Coofle is such an exuberant, yet wearable, design. I look forward to seeing yours in progress, Jean.

  2. I don't know why it is that knitting needle gauges have such a nifty habit of hiding... didn't you say you kept it hanging on the AGA or was that something else?
    We have discovered how to get Montalbano on iplayer. We watch one episode after lunch and then I find myself thinking in an Italians accent for the rest of the day (but in English, sadly). Looking at the scenery is nearly as good as being there.

  3. =Tamar2:21 AM

    Good for you!
    Is there a space on your knitting gauge that will allow a small, neat hole to be punched for a keychain to be attached? If so, it could be attached to a knitting bag. An extendable keychain would allow it to be used without removal.

  4. Maybe you had a touch of something and are getting thru it... glad to hear you are feeling a bit better

  5. Are you actually strong enough to meet the cruise guidelines? Your ‘feeble’ sounds practically bedridden. I hope you actually do far more than take a day to sew on a button and are downplaying your abilities.

  6. Any news on the bloods? I had a chat with an old friend who is a good 20 years younger than I am, she went to MD because of constant fatigue and turned out to need Rx strength Vitamin D, and is now back to her old self. Coofle looks perfect for your trip!

  7. Any news on the bloods? A friend of mine who is a good 20 years younger than I am was battling fatigue and it turned out she needed some Rx strength Vitamin D. She is now back to her old self. Coofle looks like the perfect travel project. And I was interested to look up Ferroaugusto and see the Italians still have a holiday for the Emperor Augustus!