Saturday, December 02, 2023

 Still cold, but perhaps a little less so. We’ve had a quiet day, briefly visited by Helen. They’re having open days at the studios amongst which is the one where she makes mosaics (when she can escape from family responsibilities).

   The Downstairs Lavatory is back in action. Amazing.

   Knitting has progressed peacefully. This thing (Brooklyn Tweed “Spalding”) begins at the neck and is knit downwards. The shoulder shaping is slightly fancy — hence the initial difficulty.

   And I’ve read a lot more of The Running Grave. It has picked up speed since the mid-book slump, without exactly introducing any rabbits or hats. I can’t keep all the names straight and have given up trying. The overall effect is somewhat depressing — or maybe I am feeling low because of immobility and darkness and my old friend’s death. 

   Somewhere — the BBC website, I think — I’ve seen pages of pictures of the Christmas decorations at the White House. I did not notice any hint of ox or ass or even sheep. Is the President’s Catholicism entirely a matter of anti-Englishness?

   Wordle: Ketki and Mark and Roger were the stars today, with three. Alexander and Rachel and I scored four. Thomas and Theo needed five.


  1. "I did not notice any hint of ox or ass or even sheep. Is the President’s Catholicism entirely a matter of anti-Englishness?" - What? First of all, I doubt President Biden had much input into the White House Christmas decorations. Jill Biden may have been consulted on the theme, but it is the People's House, and I'm sure there are committees that made the decisions. Second - what do oxes, asses and sheep have to do with making a Christmas English?

  2. Anonymous5:03 AM

    I imagine that the public decorations have little to do with President Biden’s personal religious beliefs (for example, we have no idea whether or not there is a crèche in the private, residence part of the White House.) I don’t understand , how does Catholicism have anything to do with anti-Englishness,? Not to mention, how does anti-Englishness have anything to do with Biden?

  3. =Tamar8:17 AM

    Plumbing! hurrah!

    I was more concerned about the incompetence shown by the crew when the huge Christmas tree was blown over in high winds. After all these years you would think they had records of how to secure a large tree in a public place.

  4. Anonymous11:07 AM

    I have recently learned that there is tremendous animosity by one U.S. state against another for various reasons borne out in small destructive ways, so in this Era of obvious hatred (very worrying) I can see why some conclusions might be jumped to. Although highly unlikely in this case. The tree issue, though, might be indicative of a lowering of standards which is quite discouraging.

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    That was Chloe. My computer got stuck before I reached the end.